Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I appreciate the advice but I’d rather discover things like that out myself! :-)

That’s the first Talus I fought and I wanted to try and do it on horseback so I wasn’t really exploring other options. I mean, I did it in the end (and yeah it was tough), but my point above was that the camera/movement/control just doesn’t work nicely on horseback, even against a slow moving target. I tried against some Moblins too and it was pretty clumsy, even at a steady pace where you have a lot more control. I kept running into trees, of all (narrow) things.

It seems riding a horse is a nice idea but detracts from thorough exploration (by virtue that you have to get on and get off a lot) and makes combat much more fiddly. I didn’t have too much trouble simply riding one though, it was just during combat. I’ll be glad to use one to get around faster, when I don’t want to use fast travel, that is–I’ll use that to deal with the Talus on the Plateau that I avoided earlier on. And I’ll climb it this time ;-)

Yeah, I’m hoping the controls click and become more instinctive but I think the menu stuff I’m just going to have to grit my teeth through!


One thing about horses is the more they like you the more autonomous they are. If you are really sympatico with a horse, they will actually run around, follow roads, and in general do great all on their own. Or so I’ve read. But you have to work up to that relationship, is the thing - the horse you just grab in the wild and ride around for half an hour is going to disobey you from time to time, even just stop moving all together here and there, and be really freaked out in a stressful situation like combat. It’s an entire sub-system that may be even deeper than the Black and White model, from what I’ve heard, though I barely touched that aspect of the game. If horsemanship is something that interests you, it may be worth while to make sure you bond with your horse through travel, feeding and petting him, and the like before you try combat from horseback again (then again, it may always be insufferable, no matter what you try!)


Yeah, I’ll see how it goes. This is literally the first horse I jumped on and I’ve given her plenty of apples and petting. At one point I didn’t want her to wander off so I dropped five apples on the floor. Seemed to work!


Good luck! There are probably others here that can help with the horse stuff - the time it took to ready your last message is probably more time than I put into riding, but I do have a quest that I suspect leads to a fantastic horse, and since all I’m doing is hunting down shrines, I may jump in and play around with it some more.


Horses are an excellent way to traverse quickly before you have a majority of the shrines and all the towers mapped. You do need to spend time with them to make them responsive, but I do think it’s worth it. I found a very specific horse last night that I am very enamored of and worth finding. It’s related to a quest. There are multiple horse quests though…

geggis, you are literally just getting started. The plateau seems like a game in itself and yet it’s a tiny portion of what’s to come…


Well, I held to my word and after 100+ hours of this game on Wii U, I’m now playing it from scratch on my slick new Switch.

Man, even in just the first couple of hours on the Plateau I’m discovering stuff I never saw on the Plateau my first time.

And, of course, being able to play the game while in bed is very dangerous.


Aye, don’t worry, I’m well aware of that! ;-)


I haven’t played a Zelda game since Ocarina and Majora’s Mask on the 64…I miss them. But i dont wanna buy a Switch just for this game. Wish they would release it on Xbox!


My stable has:
My first horse
A novelty horse related to a quest
A fantastic horse related to a quest
Epona from my amiibo
A black horse to match a set I bought from a specific vendor.

I wish the game let you stable other ridable things. I also don’t use horses as much as I would like because I inevitably end up miles away from it whenever I would want to use one


Still have no idea how to stable a horse…

  • Ride a horse to a stable
  • while still on horse, target the guy at the “drive up window” and talk to him
  • select option to stable horse



You don’t even have to stay on the horse. Just ride the stable and get off the horse with it nearby and talk to the guy at the drive up window. He’ll give you the deal.

  1. Place your horse stable attendant amiibo on your Nintendo DSi XL.
  2. Waggle the Wii controller
  3. A 40-character code will be sent to the Nintendo app on your phone
  4. Transcribe the code into the game by using Link to carry letter blocks into the respective containers


My horse decided, literally moments before finding my first stable, to strand itself on a rock in the middle of a fast running river while I climbed one of those towers. I’m curious how long it’ll stand there now because it won’t budge…


I like this one the best:)


There are a couple little quests when you hit the first stable (if following the hinted path early on) that teach you all about riding, taming, and stabling.


You don’t actually have to be on the horse when you talk to the dude at the ride-up window.


Well we are now over two month removed from a Zelda game launch so the usual “overrated” backlash seems to be picking up steam.

It’s weird though because I agree with most of the things they complain about and yet it doesn’t stop me from loving the hell out of the game.


Most of the backlash just comes across like nitpicking. The game is aces, but complaining is easy.


At present I’m firmly in the overrated camp, and one person’s nitpick is another person’s fundamental. My post above was just to set my initial WIP thoughts out but I’ll be back when I’ve got something more concrete.