Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Man, only a 98 on metacritic? Guess I can sit this one out.


I ordered mine from Amazon in January to use up the “Prime thank you” discount code. It still hasn’t dispatched though…


So I hear that Breath of the Wild game is garnering some pretty ok reviews.


What is that second gamepad?

I’m not sure I want to play anything on the WiiU Pro controller with its awkward button placement. I haven’t actually tried it yet though.


That’s the Classic Controller Pro from Wii gen.


My physical WiiU Copy now says “Preparing for shipment.” I ordered in January as well.


Yeah, you will definitely get that on Launch day.


Just bought it, will happily set aside Wind Waker and start playing this instead.


I placed my Amazon order for the Wii U edition on February 21 and it’s preparing for shipment and says I’ll have it by 8PM tomorrow. I do think they’re sold out now though.

This has happened with a LOT of Amazon games recently. As noted in another thread, I would’ve bought Ni-Oh with the 20% discount in the week after release but it was “Shipping in 1 - 2 months” at that point. It’s pre-orders or nothing on many games there right now.


I forgot to cancel my Special Edition preorder. Oops. Now the question is if I wait until I buy a Switch to play, or pick up a Wii U copy somewhere and sell it when I’m done… which is thankfully an option given how well Nintendo games hold their price.

Review scores are really making it hard to wait for the Switch version.


It will be interesting how the rapid weapon degradation works out, as this is a generally maligned feature. Most reviews are calling it liberating though, but I’ve seen at least one list it as a negative.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of equipment degradation as being liberating… this is starting to make me questions some of these reviews.


I think they mean liberating in the sense that you don’t get too attached to any one weapon and as a consequence feel like you’re missing out on other weapons because you only play with the “best” one. I can completely understand how knowing that the weapon I’m using now will not be the weapon I’m using in an hour or two can free the player up to focus on using whatever is at hand as opposed to whatever is supposedly best.

I compare it to Dark Souls where I found a good one-handed sword early in the game and pretty much just uograded and stuck with that. So I never really got to understand how spears work, or axes, or two-handed swords.


I assume there is a Master Sword, and it doesn’t degrade. There are probably other, powerful weapons to be found that don’t degrade, though that could be wishful thinking on my part.


Everything I’ve read so far indicates that every weapon eventually breaks. I haven’t read anything about the Master Sword but assuming it’s in there (a good bet) that’s probably the one exception.


I think instead a couple of the weapons are repairable. Oli Welsh in the EG review:

Breath of the Wild’s disposable weapons may prove to be the most controversial aspect of its design; weapons wear out fast, and only a few very special ones can be repaired. You’re even encouraged to throw them away as they get worn down, as a well-placed lob will earn you a critical hit. It starts out stressful, but it’s ultimately a liberating change that’s reminiscent of Halo’s weapon-swap philosophy. It also has brilliant consequences for Breath of the Wild’s sweeping reinterpretation of role-playing game convention.


I think for Nioh they didn’t realize what a hit it would be. Maybe for Zelda it’s Nintendo realizing it would be a hit but not bothering to make enough anyway. :)

As far as weapon degradation goes, I can only assume the power progression is pretty flat and it’s the moveset they’re trying to get you to let go so you can try something new. (Does the game even have different movesets?)


Yeah, I agree that they probably didn’t expect a Ni-Oh sell out but a 1 to 2 month restock seemed excessive. It’s also in stock now, just three weeks after release. Given that the 20% off lasts two weeks after release, I think we can call shenanigans there…


Oh yes, gamers LOVE this kind of stuff. It’s a total reinterpretation of RPG conventions. We’ve never heard of this before!

Link readies his stick, leaving the 57 master swords safe at home. “I might need those one day,” he says.


Shit, Tim is on to me. Back to the drawing board.