Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I ended up doing the last one, running around shivering and nearly dying, eating apples to stay alive. This did not feel good. In fact, I could do without the temperature stuff entirely.


Now I know you’re bullshitting me.


Eh you know what I meant. Does that dialogue in the picture not read naturally, verses a popup telling you how the cooking works? Natural, like “in context with and part of the game world”.


I could do without the rain, but the temperature worked for me.


Wear some clothes (from memory one of the tasks you can help the old man with rewards a cold resistant jacket). Carry a torch. Cook some food or potions.

But let me guess, you could do without the stamina stuff too. Also double the movement speed and remove weapon breaking? :)


I know there are ways to get around it now, but I didn’t then.

Stamina and movement speeds are fine but yes, I could do without weapon durability. I realize it’s core to this game, but I find constantly picking up new weapons annoying.


Since you didn’t twig to the mechanics early on, you’d rather they removed the whole system? Ok… Personally I turned back when I realised I wasn’t equipped for the area and returned later.


The one you get as a quest reward, where you need to collect 10 lizards.


The hot areas vs fire areas annoyed me too. When I first got to the death mountain I thought I hit a progress wall and avoided exploring the area at all until I got the other 3 beasts and realized I must be doing something wrong. I assume there is an npc somewhere that explains it but to me the flaming temperature gauge screamed “you will get a thing at some point that will let you enter here”


The game really doesn’t tutorialize at all. I think there are like 20 NPCs that mention “Man, can’t go up into death mountain, it is too hot” But, if you aren’t talking to random NPCs (which, why would you? What games nowadays does that?) you find out a lot about the world. I usually would go to each stable and talk to the NPCs there.

I think the game probably should have had a cooking tutorial where you make a cold resist food or potion, early on. I saw a lot of info about the opening plateau, which I would recommend people starting the game do as well, and leave the rest for discovery. The game expects you to be either exceedingly patient, or figure everything out yourself. Which is a lot to ask, but I loved that about it.


My problem isn’t really about the tutorializing, although I agree it didn’t do that. I just don’t like busywork in games. I could play a MMO for that.


Errr… it does. There’s a quest chain involving a recipe specifically for cold resistance. Which also gives the cold resist doublet.


It doesn’t make you do that quest though. Completely skip-able. My brother basically almost stopped playing he was so frustrated by the cold damage in that region.


It doesn’t make you do anything. That’s part of what I love about it. It’s all there to find if you explore and observe.


Me too! But, it definitely doesn’t force you to learn things to make the game less frustrating. I think we are all used to games teaching us every skill we need to know to succeed, BOTW doesn’t.


Yeah, that’s the thing. The Zelda games are all about solving puzzles. In this game almost everything is a puzzle of some kind, including the game mechanics and functionality. :)


Yeah like I said not terribly upset about the lack of a tutorial, I just didn’t enjoy the busywork.


The distinction between “hot weather” and “lava” gear was pretty poorly communicated. However, they made a big big deal of having the fireproof potions before going up Death Mountain (at the stables on the way up), so I feel like they did prepare you for it, even if you didn’t quite understand that there was a difference.


This is what turned me off of the game. It didn’t feel like an adventure or exploring. Every crest of a hill or new Orc camp was a vignette puzzle complete with gear that expired so puzzles truely reset as you wandered. Except hearts and stamina, there was no sense of continuity to me. It was an endless chain of 10 minute gameplay loops.