Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Unless, like me, you didn’t take the normal path up Death Mountain and instead came in from the west. I missed all of those fireproof potions and opportunities to get parts of the armor. My trip up was just a mad dash of trying to get to the top before all of my healing options ran out. I did make it to the top and the Goron armor shop and that whole race up actually turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences I had in that game.


I had a similar experience on the snowy mountain. I wondered into it on a whim very early on and my cold resist gear was not cutting it. I pushed through to the top, fighting off freezing to death the whole way. I couldn’t take down the lizard men with my crap weapons either. I got to the top and found the shrine and started the fight with the corrupted dragon with like 25 arrows and 2 foods left. The whole thing nerve wracking and exhilarating.


Heh these are cool, and a whole bunch were posted earlier in a Kotaku link. I like the ones where it doesn’t show the setup, eg:


Took me a while to raise what happened… Stasis launch kill. Nice.


Yeah, that format works a lot better!


So what’s the take on the first DLC pack? Worth picking up?


It’s a lot of fun! It’s also definitely more of an endgame content pack. You can safely wait til you’ve completed the main game before picking it up. The best parts of it expect a higher level of understanding of all the game’s mechanics for you to enjoy it to the fullest. There are some fun bits without that knowledge, but it definitely serves long time players more than short timers.


I feel like I’m missing something with the combat. I’m getting my ass handed to me left and right with almost no success once I’m past the very beginning. Is there a way to actually dodge? And are there weapons that will survive more than three or four blows? It’s a pain having to swap out weapons three or more times in a single encounter…


Naturally, nearly as soon as I post that, I find the shrine with the combat tutorials. That’ll help.


In the very first Shrine on the tutorial plateau, it teaches dodge I think? But yeah, basically jump left, right, or back while locked on in combat dodges in that direction. Time it perfectly as an enemy attacks and you get to do a ‘flurry attack’. You can also block if using a shield.

Weapons breaking in 4 hits doesn’t sound right, even early on. Unless you’re using ‘Rusty’ variants? There are tougher weapons, stuff like hammers and axes. And weapons with bonuses to durability.

But they do break fairly often. Throw them at enemies before they break, when thrown they always do critical (double) damage. Don’t waste better weapons on chaff. Use your abilities. You got arrows, bombs, stealth, mag./stasis/environmental interactions. Cook food/potions; you can boost your hearts, attack, defense.

Or maybe try going in a different direction, and fighting more manageable enemies. Follow the early quest and stick somewhat to the roads until you’re a bit better equipped.

edit: lol. :)


I do appreciate the post :)

To this point, I’d mainly been using clubs and the skeleton arms, which were the best I’d found. I had initially wandered off, but did see the tip to make a bee line to the first couple of main quest points, which is what I’m doing now.


Once you leave the plateau there are definitely very difficult areas and easier areas. If you want to stick to the intended progression to start, keep near the main roads for a while and head to the first town or two the story guides you to.


I am done with the four main dungeons, and now I’m deciding whether to go towards the sword quest or try to fight the main buddy before that just to check.

Also I have two missing memories. One I think it’s in the castle, but the other one is the stupid forest photograph that offers no clues…

I’m still loving this game and there’s a good chance I might be willing to do a lot of post game content. So far a lot of the optional stuff has been quite interesting, with many variations on the find a shrine pattern and required exploration of unusual places…

As for combat… Wait until you face the damn centaurs…


Skelleton arms have a reasonably high attack compared to other early weapons, but they have a very low durabilty.


Have you ever talked to the painter NPC?

Yes, at no point throughout the entire game did the Lynel’s become anything other than a huge pain to kill.


You can talk to the painter whenever you see him and he will tell you where the nearest memory is (more or less). I suggest you finish all the memories before beating the game. I felt they really brought the whole story together despite the horrible Zelda VO.


Lynels are a bit easier once you learn to time the dodge on their charges. You can flurry attack like crazy and pretty much never take a hit. Timing, patience, a good mash finger or thumb, that’s what you need.


Agreed. Plus once you start getting weapons dropped from Lynels and other amazing weapons that start dropping around the world in the late-late-game it doesn’t even take long to tackle them. By the end of my time with the game, I was seeking them out to take them down for crafting materials and never once did I worry about what weapon to use, I was leaving weapons on the ground that were just crazy, because I had even crazier stuff already to go in my inventory.

Man, I should get back into Zelda again. When is that second DLC coming??


Not announced yet, but they have said it will be out in the calendar year. Maybe a December Direct?


Never seen him.

I will look for him. I’m now chasing the red dragon to get his scale. Will look for the master sword next, I guess.