Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


He’ll be hanging out at the Stables. Grey hair. Topknot. Pikango is his name.


Ah, I did meet him at the village, but pointed me to a place I already knew. Will look for him again at different stables.


In general, you want to talk to literally everyone you meet. Almost everyone has something useful to say.


He’s at almost every stable with something different at each. Confused me at first too.

He’s also in at least one town


If there’s one town everyone should see before they finish Breath of the Wild, Tarrey Town is it. Make sure you do the Hylian Homeowner quest and then have a chat with the guys when it’s done.


I watched a Speedrun of this game today. It’s wild. The guy uses Stasis and bombs on rocks and trees to catapult himself from the plateau, across Hyrule field, to the Castle, then makes a run right for Ganon. He fights Ganon with 3 hearts in his underpants with a Goron stonebreaker. Ganon has like 7 forms if you don’t unlock the divine beasts.

Spoilers, obviously


Hells yeah, me too. My favorite game of the year and still yet to come close to completing it. Just reading this thread gets me excited all over again.

But Xenoblade in 2 weeks…


Beat Ganon, with the master sword, all memories and also the special shield. 60 shrines and about half the sidequest completed.

I have to say the game did not need to be as well written as it is. The memories, and Zelda’s character, is amazingly well portrayed for the very little screen time she got.

I plan to play more once the story DLC arrives, but for now I think I’m moving on to any of the other two games I have (Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids.)


Zelda won the Golden Joystick GOTY. Here’s the team’s acceptance speech, where the producer thanks Odyssey for not being out for very long.

Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards show, formerly the VGAs, is next month, and while Zelda’s been a huge critical and commercial hit, the last Japanese game to win the top honors was Resident Evil 4 twelve years ago, so who knows (I could see PUBG edging it out).


Isn’t pubg still prerelease?


It leaves early access in “late December,” but it’s still up for the top prize at The Game Awards.


Yeah it won Best Multiplayer and the PC GotY at Golden Joysticks as well.


Honestly if a game is good enough to make people want to award it something, it seems like the arbitrary “done” label the developer gives it is pretty inconsequential. If anything that makes it even more impressive that people enjoy it so much and it’s not eve “released” yet.


I agree, I was just making a commentary on how stupid and arbitrary the early access thing is.


I disagree. If you’re going to point to an “Early Access” sign to excuse all your bugs, then you shouldn’t be eligible for the accolades. Let developers who stand behind a finished product get them.


Not to take over this thread, but just for reference: they don’t think they deserve it.


That speed run is insane, especially considering about 30 minutes of it is cutscenes and loading screens.


You know what else doesn’t deserve it? Zelda.


It’s the best game I have played in 2017. It’s my Game of the Year. Nothing captivated me for longer or burned its way into memory like Breath of the Wild. Super Mario Odyssey is close and Horizon was pretty great, but this was on a whole other level.


I’m constantly annoyed by it. Despite having gotten it in like July I still haven’t finished it. I find the shrine puzzles fairly hohum, certainly not Portal clever like some claim. Some shrines are flat out terrible like any that involve tilt controls. Enemy variety is poor and there is no real incentive to engage with combat with any of the enemies you come across. Weapon degradation is far too rapid, and the inventory too limited. Upgrading wouldn’t be so bad if the vendor didn’t also move around the map. Weather is more annoying than fun, I can’t believe their isn’t some potion/food that lets you climb in the rain without penalty…

I’d put both Mario and Horizon above it, and probably a few other games released this year as well.