Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (BotW2)

Typically you can skip it with ‘+’ after watching the first little bit of it (during which I assume it has to do ‘reset monsters’ stuff behind the scenes).

Yeah, alright it’s kind of annoying because you need to hit x first, and then +.

After the first time, I don’t really need the scene at all… Is weird that it happens every time.

I almost always hit ‘+’ to quite the cutscene, but had a case where I couldn’t skip it earlier today. I had just started a combat before it happened though, so that may have been the cause. Would be nice if x did the trick.

Also, I like Yunobo.

Good article. As someone who has briefly dabbled in game physics for various class assignments in the past, I know fragile it is and how quickly it can cascade and get out of control.

On a side note, the 1.1.2 patch does indeed fix all the various dupes… that were widely known at the time. There are already new dupes, although they aren’t as stupid easy to execute repeatedly as “glide, hold stuff, then hit Y+B”.

I keep playing this, and I continue to be impressed by it. The Nintendo Zelda team really are masters of their craft.

Totally smitten by this game. I think it’s a masterpiece. And I liked BotW, didn’t love it. I even love the narrative off the game, so far.

Edit: I particularly like how there are multiple solutions to seemingly every puzzle. Sometimes I take the caveman approach, and it is a completely viable option, even if it’s unlikely the intended solution. Incredible game.

I really need to grind out zonaite, because I need batteries

because I built a weapons platform. A weapon to surpass Metal Gear…

e: I say that, and promptly get sent this:



The only major complaint I have is that the main quest “dungeons” are even less so than BotW. Is it so much to ask to have a few old-school Zelda labyrinths?

I duped 1000 large zonite so I think I’m good!

Agree it’s a special game. Anyone with a switch already is playing it but everybody else should consider either buying a switch or buying the game, putting the box on the shelf, and emulating. If it was a ps5 exclusive I’d buy a ps5 to play it. Switch, no.

It’s pretty staggering how much better it looks and plays emulated. Still doesn’t look like a modern game by any means, but at least it’s sharp, 60fps locked, textures don’t pop in twenty feet away, and shadows don’t crawl in a really distracting manner. Sure it’s an amazing technical achievement that it runs on the switch at all, but it looks downright bad. TotK deserves Switch 2.

It’s wild, because I have basically the same opinion on both games, and I’m trying to figure out why TotK is better than the sum of its parts for me, where BotW wasn’t. Because there are still a lot of parts I don’t like, or at least would describe as Fine: the combat isn’t amazing, the building is both subjectively not my thing and also doesn’t control that well, the weapon durability works better this time with the fusing but is still not net-positive, I still want fewer shrines and more dungeons, and putting so many effects on consumables and armor pieces is just so stupidly fiddly. (Especially the non-combat-related stuff: any old Zelda game would have given me a passive item that lets me climb waterfalls, these games want me to manually switch to a piece of armor every time I want to climb a waterfall for the next hundred hours, times a bunch of other similar effects. It’s just a wild design/usability decision. And the inventory maintenance!)

…and yet, with all of that, I really do love this game on a level that I never really came close to with BotW. I think it’s a combination of the world clicking with me a lot more this time (especially both up and down), the narrative being a bit more focused, and more of the shrines being… I don’t want to say easier per se, but I don’t think they engage quite as specifically or aggressively with some of the mechanics, and they’re much more consistent at making me feel clever before I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time on them.

I wanted to make some pizzas, so I had to go wheat farming!

‘Tabantha’ wheat… hmmm I wonder where that might be found. I ended up with like 50 of them (and many many hot-footed frogs), it was kinda cool as I’d just come from the area where you can farm rice. Fusing a long thing to a long swinging weapon can cut a lot of grass in one swipe.

Ok so not as cool and useful as zonaite and batteries, but each to their own! ;)

Gliding down from some Sky Islands at night, without warning a shooting star flew right past me. I went into a dive and caught it in the air as it was falling.


I just did that too!

I am on that pizza train as well, so I get you.

Also I built a rudimentary “lawnmower”, because cutting grass is a CHORE

I just finsihed this.

Had much better experience than with BoTW, that I abandoned early. I think this one move faster and better in the starter area.

Since I did not finished BoTW everything was new to me, and great.

I think this is a good game for people that like building stuff, I am not sure about other kind of people.

This is the good BOTW. Please ignore the other.

Ahhhaa nice! :D

Agreed. I just wrapped up the first temple and I am underwhelmed. It took me like 20 minutes. The boss was incredibly simple. It was a cool setup, but super easy. I have a harder time with the Battle Talus.

I had read they added proper dungeons in this game, so maybe they’re coming up later?

That’s pretty impressive! Wind temple probably took me an hour. Agree the boss was easy though.

Is there actually a fixed order you need to do the temples in? I was kind of under the impression that you could do them in whatever order you wanted, although I suppose there’s probably an “optimal” order.