Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. WAKER

Just got proof I’m a geek: Nice little slideshow of crude drawings replaying Gannon’s rise to power and subsequent spread of darkness throughout the land…Zelda theme kicks up on full and I get goosebumps. The loser has landed.

I’m relieved that I’m not actually playing Link, I was wondering how they were going to explain Link suddenly having a sister. Neat little game so far, a ton more humor than the other ones (‘Sploosh’), some good mini games, and the GBA/GBSP link thing is, not so much useful, but it’s nice, very well done.

Controls are tight, Link does tend to jump a little too much, and it took me a second to figure out the right trigger.
Combat is a blast though, combos and nice musical touches make you want to fight everything just to use the ‘parry’ one more time.
Love the interactivity: breaking a glass might make everyone mad at you or cower in fear from the ‘earthquake’, or you might accidently sever the cords holding up the bridge you’re on during a fight. Oops. NPCs actually move around you and interact with you when not in conversation.
As for the cel shading: meh, don’t really notice after awhile, but the explosions and enemy deaths are a beaut.

That’s all I got to say, Zelda games run on story and I don’t want to ruin it, plus everyone is either gonna buy this first chance or they’ll never get it, not too many ‘on the fence’ people regarding Zelda.
So to recap: I’m a geek.

I thought the intro was well done. It’s nothing fancy to be sure, but it works well. And I dig the remixed music.

The level of polish in this game is fantastic, I love it. Throw a pig into the water and it’ll shake itself off when it gets out (and you’ll see the water droplets fly). As you walk around your character’s eyes will gravitate towards things of interest. It’s the little extra touches like that which really help separate a good game from a great one. But of course that doesn’t matter too much if the gameplay isn’t there, but so far it’s looking like it is.

Oh, and normally I don’t care for cell shading but apparently it just turns out that no one’s been doing a very good job w/ it. gg, Nintendo


I sold my Gamecube because my fiance was supposed to be moving in with me this month, but we pushed all that back. She, at current, lives around 500 miles away. My ass is puckering violently right now due to having Zelda and not being able to play it.

Edit: She has a gamecube as well, to clear up. I didn’t sell it cause she doesn’t like it or something.

My whole family was enamored of it last night. Just beautiful and the world interaction is almost frightening. I hopped up on someone’s counter and accidentally broke some dishes…that really made me jump since for the longest time in games you’d see that stuff lying around (objects or not) and you wouldn’t have any interaction with it. I was so surprised to see it move!

The cel-shading is gorgeous and it’s really not cel-shading to me. It’s just a living cartoon. You don’t see the polygons…you see…characters. The movement is so fluid. They’ve even made your 180° turnaround a smooth movement that isn’t just a model “flip” like in the N64 Zelda games…but retained the instantaneous response.

Agree with Cookiepants that the humor is great. Funny things in the text AND the characters and their reactions. Watching the eyes of the characters, you can see them responding to all the player and monster movement. Conversations are done so beautifully, with people emoting as the conversations play out.

Finally…the way they create this “Link” is just brilliant and another source of good comedy. The world needs more lighthearted games like this one. I hope people pick it up…and a Gamecube to play it if they need to. This is one of the defining games of the current generation, without a doubt.


Zelda theme kicks up on full and I get goosebumps.

Does anybody know if the way the violin was played for that has a special name? It was very different sounding, very neat. I’m just wondering.

I’m not real far into it, just leaving the merchant isle (Windfall Isle). So far I think it’s brilliant.

You don’t need not freakin’ instructions, it’s all very intuitive and what isn’t, they explain quite well as part of the game.

The musical flourishes and light flashes during combat add a surprising amount of joy to swiping enemies with your sword. I find myself craving battle. :)

This game more than most proves that cel shading is just a rendering technique, and it take more than that to make a “cartoon.” This game nailed it, it’s literally a cartoon you control. It’s the animation of the guards, the movement of the hanging torches, the white lines of wind through the air, the way the seagulls follow your little sailboat, the way the boat’s head tracks you when you hop out and run around, little kids staring up at you and following you around their island, and so much more. Making a game look like animatin cels requires more than the “cel” part, it requires the “animation” part, and Zelda is one of the few to deliver it (Sly Cooper is another).

I’m not one of those gamers who gets uppity about playing something that looks like it’s for kids because it makes me look like a dork. As far as I’m concernd, that ship has sailed. ;) I love the art direction. It deserves an award.

The music is more interactive than in past Zelda games, actually fading in new stuff as you near enemies and reach objectives and such. The vibration effects are a cut above as well, and really makes me realize, as Halo did, that it really adds a LOT to a game when developers go further than just “fire off a level 10 buzz on impact,” which so few of them seem to.

If I had to pick a single adjective to sum it up, I’d say “Charming.” With a capital “C”.

But will it Save The Gamecube? [size=2]I hope so[/size].

Well, they all die sooner or later, but I don’t see Zelda saving the day. If the stories are accurate about the perceptions of young gamers, the “kiddie” tag has stuck to Nintendo. I think the Zelda art style is compelling, but it just reinforces the image.

I’m not surprised at the reports of Nintendo spending $$$ to advertise the Link version of Soul Caliber, even though SC is an all consoles port. Fighting is kewl. I expect that Capcom’s games will also get extra advertising for the teen/mature market.

What Nintendo needs is a quick n dirty game with beautiful bouncing b00bies. And gore. But keep the b00bies intact!

I dunno… is there some point where you declare a console a “survivor,” like if it is produced for 2+ years or has over 200 games released for it? I guess by that standard, even the N64 was a survivor, but jeez, that N64’s catalog took forever to build up.

This is one of the defining games of the current generation, without a doubt.

If it was a drug, it would be the most important drug since penicillin.

If it was porn, it would put Pamela and Tommy Lee to shame.

I’m having fun with it. Totally dig the graphics, but I like cartoons. I’m not blown away yet. E3 will decide if the GC stays…

I wonder how they got Bill Clinton to model for the Deku Tree?


If it was porn, it would put Pamela and Tommy Lee to shame.

I’m having fun with it. Totally dig the graphics, but I like cartoons. I’m not blown away yet. E3 will decide if the GC stays…[/quote]

Oh just wait! The boomerang is awe inspiring to use, and the cannon adds a whole new level to the gameplay. Wait for it, the game’s just getting started.

Zelda: WW’s art style is indeed superb but it is by no means pioneering. Herdy Gerdy did an outstanding job of presenting a world that didn’t look like it was made of cel-shaded polygons and that was two years ago, and Cel Damage was the first game that got the physics of a cartoon down perfectly, right down to the rubbery stretch of a car impaled by a harpoon, and that was more than a year ago. Zelda does some fantastic things with real-time lighting, but I am not looking at this game in awe. I think someone used the term charming and that strikes me as right.

It does, however, only reinforce the kiddie feeling of this game for me. Along with the twee little characters and this new Link padding around with the body of a five year-old in his green jammies and the fact that characters don’t have voices, just sort of mumbles, hums, and gurgles, really distances any feeling that these are even characters. I feel like I am playing a beautfully illustrated children’s book. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it doesn’t mean that I somehow want more games like GTAIII or Eye Gouger 2000, only that I prefer the way Ico handled adolescent protagonists more than this game. However, I’m only about 3 - 4 hours in so I should hold off on passing final judgment. Having said that, it’s the only thing people are talking about at work right now and the debate has been about whether it is brilliant or merely very good.

Oh I didn’t mean the boomerang’s LOOK was awe inspiring, just the use and strategic elements afforded by it.

And does anyone else notice ‘Link’s’ arms stretching when he picks or throws things?

I’d just like to say something about the ‘kiddy’ label on the game. Yes it has the look of a ‘kiddy’ game (hell, press Z when you turn the Gamecube on to see Nintendo’s feelings about the ‘kiddy’ label) but the Zelda games aren’t meant to be ‘adult’ and the graphics are well suited for an adventure game. If it was supposed to be an eery and frightening journey throught the land of the dead I can see where it would be innapropriate, but it’s not. It’s an adventure game about a 13 year old’s quest across a magical land full of fairies and jewels.

Criticizing this game for looking ‘kiddy’ is like criticizing ‘Baron Muchheusen’ for not looking ‘realistic’ enough, it’s the style that suits the subject matter.

Eye Gouger 2000 is a mere shadow of the game that Eye Gouger 2k3 is.

Ok, dumb question here. I’m just wondering why I can’t seem to get more than 200 Rupees, is there a maximum amount you can have at what point in the game?

Yeah, as in all Zelda’s you can only carry a certain amount at first. Later on you’ll get upgrades and be able to carry more.

It’s Dave Long’s car!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Wind Whacking.

It’s a fun game, but the lack of difficulty and dungeons really hurts it, in my not-even-remotely-humble opinion.

The animation is simply staggering, though. Nintendo has set a ridiculous benchmark for animation quality and polish with this game; the amount of tightly-integrated character reactions and subtle visual touches are literally unparalleled.

However, I don’t play animation. While it makes the game a visual feast, I’m not feeling as compelled to play it as I did with Ocarina and Majora. In fact, I actually put it aside for a Dynasty Warriors 4 marathon. Like a Kojima title, or any other heavily-character driven title, the game feels too “passive” to me; I feel like I’m simply “experiencing” something, not actively playing it and being challenged, and that doesn’t settle well with me. It’s beautiful, its more polished than just about any game I’ve played, and the art direction shames 98% of all games released in recent memory, but it all feels so shamelessly overdesigned like ZoE2 or Devil May Cry. Maybe I need more stats or something; I dunno.

The intro was tedious, too. I guess this new story-heavy approach doesn’t settle well with me. Even SMS has a few too many cutscenes for my tastes.

How far along are you guest? The fun and difficulty doesn’t even START 'till you fight Gannon, then it ramps the hell up.

And a reminder: save OFTEN. I just did a hell of a lot of stuff, only to have the game freeze on me, with such an open ended world it’s a massive loss.