Legend of Zelda

I’m really thinking of getting Legend of Zelda for the Gamecube. Anyone here playing it? What’s the verdict?

You can’t go wrong with Zelda. Here’s another thread

Completing the game 100% will literally take you days, and even then there are some cool extras for playing a won game over.

I just finished it last night and was surprised how much I liked it. I do not have any nostalgia for Nintendo games. I played and enjoyed them growing up, but I don’t get goosebumps when I hear a certain theme song or smile with glee at Mario’s cutesy Italian shtick.

However, I actually enjoyed Wind Waker more than Ocarina of Time. Yet apparently me and Osama Bin Laden are the only two people in the world who do not think Ocara of Time is the greatest game ever. Wind Waker just has a better unifying story, more interesting puzzles and something the Zelda games all do well: create unique and absorbing worlds. I was surprised just how much I enjoyed bounding across the waves on my boat, with sea gulls escorting me as storm clouds gathered and then fell into a gentle rain. Some parts of Wind Waker are as beautiful as anything I’ve seen in any game on any platform.

I was never at a loss on what to do next thanks to your boat constantly giving you advice. There are plenty of subquests, most of which I enjoyed, some of which just sucked outright, and only a few are vital to further the story. There is a fair amount of gathering trinkets and returning them to different people across the islands, but not too much. Money was a non-issue for me as I never had less than the maximum amount of rupees I could hold. In fact, I didn’t bother with more than a few of the treasure maps because I never needed money or hearts.

The boss monsters are colorful but extremely easy for the most part. And the game features the same old tiresome cliche of having you face all the same boss monsters again at the end of the game in a cheap attempt to extend gameplay. (Devil May Cry 2 recently gave this dead videogame horse another good kicking). However, I had no trouble dispatching them and little difficulty in the end game. In fact, I would say the game is pretty easy overall yet I still felt challenged.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a Gamecube but would not put it at the top of the heap at gamerankings, where it currently resides.

What’s the verdict?

Your significant other gets mad if you are using the Tingle Tuner to constantly call attention to things.


It’s very, very good.

You simply can’t go wrong. It’s the best looking game of this generation and the gameplay is there too.


Could you somehow maybe show some fuck n courtesy and mark your post with a spoilers warning?

Tact? Ever heard of it?

I didn’t really consider it because boss monsters are a universal feature of Japanese action/adventure games and their reappearance is a tiresome trope of that genre. I hope I didn’t reveal other spoilers like the inventory screen where you keep items or the fact that the game has a health meter in the upper left corner.

http://www.gametab.com/gcn/legend.of.zelda.the.wind.waker/1010/ (95% avg rating)

Just look at some of those quotes and try to resist. ;)


Jim you bastard! The experience is destroyed for me! Aaaugh!!


I didn’t really consider it because boss monsters are a universal feature of Japanese action/adventure games and their reappearance is a tiresome trope of that genre. I hope I didn’t reveal other spoilers like the inventory screen where you keep items or the fact that the game has a health meter in the upper left corner.[/quote]

Um, you gave away details of the boss fight. I would agree with you if the booklet told you what you would face at the end, but it doesn’t.

Therefore, your analogy is flawed.

Thanks for ruining it for me. Killing Zelda one detail at a time I see.

I’m not a fan of Wind Waker, so I’ve given up on it about half way through. However, I would have been pretty disappointed at reading what Jim posted if I planned on finishing the game.

I wouldn’t have expressed it as coarsely as Guest (is it really so hard to stick a pseudonym on your post?), but he does have a point.


Haven’t the other Zelda games done this? I never finished Ocarina, but I know A Link to the Past did.

I got a Gameboy Advance SP and both Oracle Zelda games. They are the roxxor.

Also got Mega Man Zero, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (AWESOME PORT), Ghost n Goblins, and Midway Arcade Classics (DEFENDER AND ROBOTRON!)

I like the oracle games more than any of the zelda titles i’ve played in the past. The first Zelda was cool. Zelda 2 sucked. Link to the Past I didnt totally enjoy, and the N64 games meh.

BUT From what I have played of Wind Waker I have liked A LOT. So there ya go.

I think if you’re going to say what happens at the end of a game/movie/book/whatever, even if it’s such a genre cliche that a million games/movies/books/whatevers have done it before, it’s only polite to post a spoiler warning and appropriate whitespace.

It would be more of a spoiler if you didn’t have to re-fight every boss monster at the end of the game, in sequence (except…wait, this one’s his evil twin brother, and HE’S GREEN THIS TIME!).

It’s definitely one of the most tired gimmicks in (predominantly Japanese) gaming, and one I could easily do without.

I’m gonna rule that it’s not a spoiler, it’s pretty standard procedure in every Zelda game, and even if it wasn’t he still didn’t reveal any details about the bosses, nor when and where you must fight them. It’s like saying you have to get the master sword or that there’s a secret wall in the second dungeon, or that you can get ‘The Tingle Tuner’. Without specific details, it’s not a spoiler.

I…made the call.

Personally I’m more pissed about the ‘Oh look here’s the boss’s SECOND form you have to fight right directly after the first form without giving you time to heal or regroup’ bullshit that happens in so many games. Or the ‘long-ass stretch of a level where there are no save points and many many many very powerful monsters to fight’ thing.

Fair enough. Then I apologize for not posting a spolier warning. I’ll err on the side of caution next time.

Are you on crack? Do you also hate apple pie and p0rn?

Uh…it’s most certainly a spoiler as talked about above because…

Ocarina of Time Spoiler! Highlight below to read…

[color=#DEE3E7]Ocarina of Time does not end with you fighting all the bosses again. You fight Ganondorf in a boss battle that’s similar to an earlier encounter (on purpose) that helped you understand how you would later beat Ganondorf. However, it’s a much harder fight. You do revisit dungeon areas that are similar to dungeons you played earlier, but you do not fight the same bosses again, you don’t even see them.[/color]

If nothing else, a game like this should always have spoiler warnings for anything remotely plot related. Lots of folks played the earlier games and don’t want to know anything about events in the current one, especially one that takes place so long after the last one and could be filled with references to previous games that many fans would like to find out about themselves.