Legendary Gets Film/TV Rights to Dune


“Dune series film project” sounds like the cinematic equivalent to “processed cheese food.”




Would rather have a high budget HBO/Netflix 8-10 episode series, but will still give this a shot. Villeneuve should be a solid choice to hopefully make a movie adaptation work.


Me too. I thought this was going to be a trilogy, but the article says two movies.


I was all “bleh” until I saw that Greig Fraser shot Zero Dark Thirty and Foxcatcher. Sweet! Those movie look great. Unfortunately, Fraser also shot the cheap and butt-ugly Rogue One, which doesn’t bode well for putting him behind the camera in an effects-heavy sci-fi movie.



Apparently being cast as Leto Atreides…father of Paul.

Why he isn’t being cast as Duncan Idaho I have no idea.


More importantly, Rebecca Ferguson is signed on!


Zendaya is Meechee. I mean, Chani.

I really enjoyed her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and thought she was one of the few tolerable parts in The Greatest Showman.


This is looking so good (well, except with having the Rogue One DP, Deakins would have been a perfect fit).

I think the story can be told properly in two 2.5 hours movies.


Speaking of, crazy fact time. The Greatest Showman was the best selling DVD/Blu Ray in the UK in 2018.


If this thing fails, it’s not going to because of the cast





Should be a limited series. Movie is going to have to cut a ridiculous amount of stuff out. Also its Legendary who are the “people will come if we cram enough CGI in it” studio.


{internal monologue}
[a drop of water lands in a pool]
[some bright blue eyes]
[Sting looks malevolent]

I wonder how they would do the last few books.

Dune Herbert: Using prana bindu techniques the Bene Gesserit can control every muscle in the body individually and achieve superhuman responses and reflexes.
Chapterhouse Herbert: Lets concentrate on the muscles in the vagina.


I’m ok with two lingish movies covering the first book. If they are good I can ignore anything else that comes after.


I seem to remember the second book, God Emperor, was pretty good. After that I have a vague memory of it all going to shit, and I checked out partway through book 4.


God Emperor is book 4, it’s the bridge between the original trilogy (Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune), and the new trilogy (Heretics, Chapterhouse: Dune, Dune 7). Frank Herbert died right after he finished Chapterhouse: Dune. Many years later his son went back to his notes and wrote Dune 7 from those notes, and it was called (checks notes), er…, Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune, which finished off the story started in Heretics.

I’ve read all 6 of the Frank Herbert books, but none of the ones written by his son. My brothers have both read all the various Dune books written by his son, and they say it’s a mixed bag.


Oh heck, yeah I’ve completely forgotten. Now I can’t remember if that was the last good one, or whether it was Dune Messiah.


God Emperor is the most philosophical one that ponders the way humans have governed themselves and organized themselves into society, and what it means to rule, and to have government. It also has the one dude who keeps getting killed and is cloned and brought to life again like a million times. Those are the two things that always stick out to me about God Emperor. It is my favorite book in the series.


I have read a few of his son’s books. I did not like them.