Legends add-on for Shift 2 captures the joy of looking back

Title Legends add-on for Shift 2 captures the joy of looking back
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When May 3, 2011

Before they fell off the face of the earth (i.e. started making NASCAR games), developer Papyrus made a racing game called Grand Prix Legends back in 1998..

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OK, that BMW is just too cool-looking.

The cars in this DLC are for the most part great but the real stars are the circuits which have been included. The old 1958 version of Monza might appear boring but the sweeping corners, particularly Curve Grande and Ascari, are incredibly challenging when taken at full speed (not to mention the flashbacks to GPL that they invoke).

I've hated Formula One for butchering the old Hockenheimring as well, so having that back in it's mid-80' configuration with the huge straights bordered by very Germanic forests is another highlight.

The real star though is the inclusion of Rouen-Les-Essarts. This track is amazing (and now defunct IRL) and in anything faster than Tom's Mini Cooper is a huge challenge, particularly the approach to the hairpin turn (turn 4) and the following climb back up towards the end of the lap.

All in all this is a great DLC pack (the patch that came with it fixed a few issues as well), hopefully the PC players can get their hands on it soon.

Oh, man, you guys on the PC don't get this yet? That kind of sucks.

And, yeah, I love Rouen in my old-timey BMW. I confess I haven't even driven the new Hockenheimring or Monza yet, but I love this approach to "new" tracks. Do any other racing games do this? Offer different historical iterations of the same track? It seems like a great idea not just for the gameplay, but from a development perspective (it takes fewer resources than making a whole new track).

We should get it with next patch, it is supposed to include DLC delivery system, at least according to lead dev. Looking forward to playing, it sounds great.That BMW..cannot wait to drive it.