Legends of the Superheroes

The end of the 70s was an awesome time for television specials. 1978 brought us The Star Wars Holiday Special and Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, but 1979 …

… oh 1979 gave us the two wonderfully bad Legends of the Superheroes comedy specials, complete with Adam West as Batman.

I only wish there were more video in the last link.

I picked up the full version a few years ago. For as low budget as it was, it was better that the CBS Justice League pilot shoot in the late 90s. Laugh track is really bizzare though.

Holy recovered traumatic memory, Batman… I REMEMBER THOSE. I also remember being royally pissed as a kid that they made it a comedy instead of playing it straight.

Wow, thanks for the link, Derek.

I saw the first one live but somehow missed the “Roast.”