I’ve been watching Legends which stars Sean Bean. The first season he worked for the FBI or something in the states, and the second they shipped him off to Europe on the run from the FBI. I have to say that this has to be the best show on television at the moment for me. It was like a combination of homeland and 24 without being as over the top, and with twist after twist in the story line.

Anyone else enjoying this?

Ive been watching it and I like it. I think there was a thread for it from last year but the show didnt seem to get much traction in these here parts. This season was pretty much a hard reboot as they threw away most of the original cast and reset the action in Europe.

You gents know its been cancelled? No season 3. Sorry.

I searched for the old thread but I think the top matches were unrelated… anyway.

I think the hard reboot was a good idea as the first season was somewhat ridiculous, but the move to Europe was the writing on the wall. I couldn’t see it being as interesting to American audiences. And the icing on top for them were the few American characters, of which the obsessed mormon FBI agent was the main one and happened to be unsympathetic and generally unlikeable.

Pretty much guessed. It had a decent ending though and viewers weren’t left hanging. Thankfully, it’s a pretty good time for TV. But the state of european cop shows is now pretty low, especially with crossing lines being the main english language one.