Legitimate offshore prescription drug sources?

Ok, I know this may get all manner of slings and arrows directed at me, but I’d like to know if anyone has had any good experiences ordering prescription drugs from a non-US source. We all get bombarded online with online pharmacy spam but I have no faith that any of those are legit.

Reason: I have very severe migraines. Imitrex, etc. do nothing for me. I’ve tried 'em all. These migraines run in the family, and a bad one can result in a combination of 14 hours of incredible head pain (think your worst hangover at its worst and double that) combined with about the same amount of time of throwing up. The only med that has ever been effective in dulling the pain has been Fiorinal with Codeine (and Vicodin/Hydrocodone, but my script has always been Fiorinal.)

Now, for me that’s a pretty mild drug - I’ve taken both Vicodin (herniated disc) and Fiorinal when I wasn’t in pain, and I get more buzz from a few cups of coffee than I do from the pills. But I know, of course, they are controlled.

So - situation: when I left Chicago about a year ago, my doc gave me a pretty good sized prescription for Fiorinal, since I didn’t know when I’d hook up with another doctor in KC. It was about 2 years worth. And like an idiot, I put it in my bathroom bag when I went to Taiwan, and when they opened it up, they asked me if I had a prescription on me, I said no, you can see the information on the bottle, etc. and they basically ripped them off. About 3/4 of the bottle full. They gave me forms to fill out, etc. but of course I never got them back. A total rip-off, never happened before.

So - I am in KC, going to the doctor I have moved to here in our suburb, try to get a refill, tell him my story, he looks at my records, etc. and tells me he really can’t give me a new prescription based on the size of my last one and how soon it was. Went to a second doctor, same general story. I had the form they gave me from Taiwan (which was pretty worthless, to be fair) and still, nope.

So I’m without the Fiorinal, probably can’t get a prescription for another 6 months, and had a migraine last week. Pure torture.

So I thought, OK, I know I had a friend who purchased “legit” vicodin for his back when he was in Mexico at about half price and it was the real thing. Is there some way to do this online.

Going online - lots of places that look shady. Some that look not so shady (though one only too personal checks and money orders, no credit cards - danger danger dive! Dive!) But no way to know who might sell the real thing, who might send you sugar pills, who is just a front to take your cc info. I imagine the illegitimate outnumber the legitimate by some large number.

So -while the odds are slim, nothing to lose: anyone here ever purchase and were happy with their purchase of prescription drugs online from an offshore source?

I’m not going to be much help here, but I’ll try. My grandfather takes quite a lot of medication for various illnesses. They became so expensive that my mother had to look to Canada for meds. There are a lot of shady websites, but she found that legit pharmacies have to be registered with whatever pharmaceutical regulation agency they have up there. Only a handful of the websites had this certification.

She ended up getting the real deal for about a third of the price. I’d like to be more help, but doing some searches for whatever agency certification they have up there might help.

Try this.

CIPA: Canadian International Pharmacy Association

http://pharmacy-online.ca/ <–

Shit, I’d be ecstatic to find a source for ephedra.

Do you have a good relationship with your old doctor in Chicago? I’ve been having trouble getting prescriptions from my new doctor, so I just call my old one and tell him what’s up. He calls them in for me or he mails them to me if they’re the kind that need to be presented in person.

Tried that, unfortunately he quit private practice to go to the “dark side” and works for an insurance company now.

Hmm. Looks like all of the Canadian ones are going to require a prescription (if I had that I’d just buy local.) Betting I will need to find a site in Mexico.

And typing this makes me feel like a druggie seeking a dealer on a back street… Need my migraine meds, but without a prescription…

I buy all of my Hydrocodone from the alley behind the VA hospital.

I go to http://canadapharmacyonline.com for my Imitrex. I can get 12 for $90, as opposed to 4 for $50 through my insurance co.

Yeah, scrip required.


Your local Rite Aid/CVS doesn’t sell Bronkaid?

Firstly, I do not have first-hand experience with this site, but I know many people who do, so take it as third-hand. One of the mailing lists I am on has a large number of members who need one particular drug which is not approved for use by the FDA, and is therefore very hard to get in the US, even with a prescription. However it is approved and available in pretty much every other country in the world, so lots of people order it online. Their favoured site for offshore prescriptions is www.inhousepharmacy.com. From my limited research on it (I am sure you can look into it too), I got the impression that US orders get fulfilled from New Zealand, and no prescription is required.

That looked like exactly what I needed - unfortunately, I just looked and they don’t sell any medications that contain codeine or any similar pain med. Argh!

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some muscle relaxants for when my TMD flares up. Let’s see if they have…damnit.

No methocarbamol? FAIL!

It looks like they don’t have any opioids either. EPIC FAIL!

I’ve used United Pharmacies, and so have others I know, and have had no problems. My order came from India.

Does anyone know what happens if you take Viagra or Cialis and don’t actually have erectile dysfunction?

Apparently you get a massive hardon that lasts for quite awhile (4~ hours?). No, I’ve never tried it. But a guy I know tells me about it all the time on MSN. That’s Viagra anyway. I don’t know anything about Cialis.

Argh, once again, they do not sell pain medication such as the Fiorinal that is my migraine med.

Holy shit, had no idea. Bought some today, we’ll see if it has the magic that ephedra did 8 years ago. I felt like a goddamn drug addict asking for it. “Um, yeah, do you have, uh, Bronkaid…for, like, my cough asthma cough

I’d be scared getting any drugs from India as they consistently fail the few FDA regulatory sweeps that are made.