Lego Harry potter?

Rumors say the next TT Lego game will be Harry Potter.

Not a big surprise since they are own by Warner these days.

These Lego games must be hugely profitable. I absolutely hated the first Star Wars one, but I can understand the appeal to kids. I reckon they don’t take too long to make, either.

Like the Kotaku article says, I just wonder how long until people catch on.

I’m not sure what they mean by “catching on.” I think we have already caught on and thats why we keep buying them. They are the same thing that we like, just a different flavor.

I think he means “catch on that it’s a pretty simple formula being repeated and grow tired of buying them” catch on.

If using wingardium leviosa to raise Hogwarts’ lego bridge and stupefy to stun adorable Lego Deatheaters is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

I think Rob realises that and I suspect that if you re-read his last post then you’ll understand that that’s precisely why he likes them.

If Rob knew what they meant, why did he ask? I don’t have a problem recycled fun being why he likes them (or why I like them, for that matter), but he clearly says he’s not sure what they mean by “catching on” so I tried to restate it.

It was a leading question, I just don’t like the idea that somehow we are being duped and one day we will wake up and join the rest of enlighted gamers. Its the same crap I read about people buying Sims game.

That’s fair. On the other hand, kotaku’s question is fair, if poorly (elitistly?) phrased.

I agree that the public isn’t being duped, these are genuinely enjoyable games, but I also suspect eventually they’ll stop being huge sellers. Not because the public caught on to what “enlightened gamers” knew all along, but because they are simply tired of them. It would be just as elitist to think the unwashed masses aren’t discerning enough to realize they’re playing the same game again.

Tell it to Madden.

Those are sports fans. They are dumb.

I would be ALL over this. That said, EA has the Potter Interactive rights (and paid a fortune for them). Wonder how that plays into it.

Well TT is owned by Warners but had Lucasarts publish the Indiana Jones games. So maybe EA will just publish it?

WB has the film rights but Universal is building the theme park rather than Six Flags. When it comes to Harry Potter, license holders are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.

Lego games are built on a great forumla, but the control issues that have plagued them from the first entry in the series are still present. Controls is very inprecise. Alinging jumps still very difficult (hard to make out in some backgrounds). Characters frequently spawn in instadeath locations (to close to a drop, usually). Y is used to enter vehicles and to change character, which makes things difficult if these two objectives are both present. All these have been in every lego game and has yet to be fixed.
The formula still sells, but having the above issues in every entry does start irritate a bit. Still, they cater to family entertainment, provide viloence in a very entertaining and kid friendly fashion and have very accessible coop play. Plus it’s Lego, which already sells to kids and parents initself. A win forumla as far as marketing goes.

I have a feeling they’ll run out of licenses to ‘legoise’ long before the plebs grow tired of buying the same old same old.

I’m surprised it’s taken this long to come back to the idea. (EA released a Lego Harry Potter game back in '02 (based on Chamber of Secrets).)


This? I don’t think that counts.

Well, you can get some idea about the licenses by looking at the deals being made for the physical LEGO products.

  • Alan

I “caught on” a long time ago. 99% of the pieces are the same! They just ship a different instruction manual, don’t be tricked!