Lego Harry Potter

Oh, come on! I know I’m not the only adult that wants to play this game.

Okay, the TT formula is getting kind of stale and predictable, and the graphics don’t really push the platfroms to the edge of capacity, but there’s still something charming about these games. The only misstep (for me) was Lego Batman, but that was because there were no familiar elements for the casual Batman fan other than the music from the older movies.

Anyway, the demo on XBLA was pretty decent. I like the spell selection mechanic.

The last Lego game I bought was Lego Indiana Jones. I feel like I’ve been consistently unhappy with those games and have decided not to buy anymore of them. They’re just not very fun at all and have the same control issues over and over again.

Wingardium lego-osa!

Yep, this is eagerly anticipated at our place. My wife and I are already planning to play it through, and while it doesn’t look like too much of a formula change from past games, the series is still tops when it comes to light, charming co-op gameplay.

Lego _____ is one of the very few kid-friendly games I can tolerate playing in co-op mode.

Lego Indy 2 solved my only problem by finally unleashing co-op players. No more stopping dead because of the screen wall, the screen splits and each player can keep going.

I’ve had Lego Harry Potter pre-ordered since early February. I have played and loved every single one of these games, and I’m sure this one won’t be any different.

I’m getting it, no doubt.

I think the problem with both Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones is that they both lacked the elements that made Lego Star Wars so much fun - a large cast of characters in a large world with interesting powers and means of interacting with the bricks. The ‘force’ brick manipulation powers were a much more enjoyable way of integrating the lego elements than anything in either Batman or Indiana Jones. The magic in harry potter could manage to make it as interesting as the first two titles. I sure hope so, anyway, since I’m gonna be forced to buy it for the Harry Potter fanatic I’m married to.

I dunno, I really liked Batman

Getting it for sure, but only after I’ve finished Lego Batman and Lego Indy 2.

I find all the Lego games up until Indy 2 to be totally crap co-op games. They benefit nothing from being played co-op, apart from frustration. Unless you have already finished the game, you are bound to go insane with your co-op partner pushing/pulling you of ledges, blowing you up and getting in the way.
Lego games are much easier to play single then co-op. The standard fix for any puzzle within the game is for one player to drop out, because that makes finding the solution a billion times easier.

Sorry for the hating. The unleashing introduced in Indy 2 might have solved much of this. I’ve only played the demo so I can’t really tell, but at least it would have removed the pulling of ledges problem.

Oh, I hear you. Getting pulled off ledges or pushed off platforms was incredibly frustrating in the older Lego games. (Indy 2 did solve this and presumably HP will go the same route.) I was more talking about the general gameplay. Other kids’ games are just too darned simplistic, or even insulting, to be any fun for adults. Even Viva Pinata TiP, which I liked in singleplayer mode, was boring for Player 2.

I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was announced. I did finally succumb and bought Indy 2 a couple weeks ago on sale, and enjoyed the new hub format a lot more than I thought I would. Just wish the actual story missions weren’t all so short. I’m hoping they fix that this time around.

I also miss the ‘Super Story’ mode from the Star Wars games.

Day 1 purchase for me and my wife. We didn’t like Lego Batman much–probably because it didn’t replicate an existing movie. Harry Potter obviously does, and should bring the Lego series’ usual charm and wit to the enterprise.

I had a TON of fun in Lego Star Wars co-op…in fact, I haven’t really played single player that much. I fully anticipate an early purchase on this, because my wife LOVES Harry Potter. It looks pretty fun though, so I’m in.

I’m working through Indy 2 right now; apart from the co-op enhancements it feels very much like a “B” team effort. Hopefully TT has their best people on Harry Potter – it could be / should be a blockbuster.

Indy 2 was worth it just by virtue of being able to send vehicles flying miles in the air by parking them on landing strips after the other player takes off in a plane and then jumps out. My son and I spent way too much time seeing how far we could get the tanks, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats to fly.

I don’t know - I liked the new hub setup. I just felt like the story missions were a little short. The shortness was fine for the bonus/treasure missions, but not the main storyline.

I’ll be a bit disappointed in LHP1-4 is as short as Indy 2.

So far Star Wars the Original Trilogy and Lego Batman are the best. I don’t care for Harry Potter so I’m waiting for the reviews of that one. Not sure if I’ll play through Lego Clone Wars either since I didn’t watch the series but I’ll get it for the kids.

How is it?