Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Announced through Game Informer.

Made by Traveller’s Tales, of course. 2013.

Day one. It is indescribable how much I love these LEGO games.

Yep day one here and my son is over the moon

Day one also! Though I admit Lego Batman 2 was not my favorite in the series, mostly because it came so close to being awesome and then made some really unpolished decisions (flight controls, map) that are uncharacteristically bad for the series.

You know a game series is good when both me AND my kids are excited about game that come out with this high a frequency…

Fun news! My wife is currently playing the second Lego Harry Potter game, and the two of us are doing a joint playthrough of Lord of the Rings. We love this series.

I don’t see Squirrel Girl.

Looks great - I just hope someday our society will advance enough that our technology level will give programmers the ability to code in some kind of Options screen that lets me select Inverted camera controls.

Have some new screens!

Very, very cool. Lego Batman 2 was my favorite Lego game ever, but this one may top it.

What’s the platform of choice for the Lego games? Console or PC?

Not sure it really matters, but I find a controller to be the preferred input method regardless. You will obviously get higher render resolution and AA on PC though. Lego LOTR looks surprisingly good.

So this is out, and I was pleased to see my Walmart preorder (for the exclusive Iron Patriot minifigure, which is totally worth it, though you didn’t actually have to preorder to get it, you can just walk into the store and pick one up I’m told) arrived today as well. I’ve barely had time to touch Lego Batman 2, and no way to try Lego City Undercover. I understand those two are the high water marks of the Lego games so far. But with that qualifier, one level in, this is fantastic and I love it. Their love of the source material is obvious.

I guess I should also admit that I have every actual Marvel Lego set so far, as well as a good chunk of the Batman and Lord of the Rings sets, so I’m an easy mark for this sort of thing, but while playing this game I can’t stop smiling.

Wow, great news! This had fallen off my radar, but I’m ordering a copy RIGHT NOW as a Christmas gift. For my wife. Yeah, for her. Not me.

The voice for Loki sounds a lot more like Paul Bettany’s Jarvis than Hiddleston’s Loki.

Reed Richards changing into things is delightful.

You’re killing me, Wholly. I have to wait until Christmas to play this!

The demo was awesome. If you’re on the fence, try that:

Played a bit w/ the wife last night. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

Well, my wife and I couldn’t resist and decided to open this supposed Christmas gift early. It’s a blast. The environments are the most interesting to date, there are lots of cool new character abilities, the story and voice acting are good, and diving off the helicarrier is great fun. I’m still in story mode and haven’t really done any open world stuff yet, so I can’t comment on that part, but the rest of the game is, uh, marvelous.

I just wrapped up my first run through Story Mode today, and it was great. Apparently some of the open world challenges, races specifically, can be pretty frustrating, and I can attest to some trouble with the one I tried, but I’m still looking forward to going back through to unlock everything.