Lego Masters - Will Arnett

Maybe they spent all their money on having Mayim Bialik show up, which was weird since she left halfway through anyway.

Also, I gotta say, I don’t think the competition was entirely fair. Getting your model dropped or exploded was inherently cooler than having it hit with a bat.

If the criteria had been how cool it exploded, that would probably be true. But the important factor was how well it exploded, which makes for an interesting conundrum - you have to build an intricate setup that holds together but not so well it won’t completely shatter. As the dude bros discovered.

As crazy eye lady discovered.

“I don’t think you understand LEGO!”

If there was a way for a single contestant to lose, it should be that guy because wth.

All I can say is I will not miss him.

It’s like the polar opposite of the Newlyweds where the guy is clearly just happy to be working with his wife.

Oh and they work well together and come up with cool ideas.

Yeah, they are very good, top 3 for sure. The beard brothers are also very good. The dude bros are good, too, they made a very cool model, it just didn’t meet the criteria very well. The cosplayers are in the running too, I think.

Honestly I agree with all that, with the pair of black firefighters as the wild card. They aren’t quite to the same level, but I could see them staying around and with the right idea/ theme getting over the top.

I thought just about everybody did pretty solid work last episode. Except the little old ladies, they just seem so out of place. Felt kind of bad for them.

I didn’t even see what they built this week. I think they got 4 seconds of screen time during the destruction segment.

This couple still creeps me out. Feels very much like he’s running the show and mansplaining Lego to her as they go.

Eh after 3 episodes, I think I am done, its sorta boring to watch.

Yeah. It turns out there’s only so much watching people playing with blocks that I’m down for. And the finished product is just limited in how impressive it can be. It doesn’t help that the judging criteria feels a bit arbitrary.

I think I’ve probably used up all my interest in Lego TV shows at this point.