Lego Movie 2 - IN SPACE!!!

Hey why not start talking about this? Looks like folks are getting ready to go with this, and there is some talk about what it will actually be - specifically a space musical.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm…I hope it’s great, I do worry about it being nowhere near as amazing as the original. Gotta keep expectations low I guess.

Wait a minute - who are you and how did you get control of Brian Rubin’s Qt3 account? Let’s try this one more time:

The Lego Movie sequel will be a musical


I loved my space legos! Blacktron, in fact. I never once made them sing when I was engineering black xwings and AtAts and James Bond spycars, but they sure did those songs perfectly in the first one, so I’m A-Ok with it. Doubley so since my wife actually enjoyed it as well, a non-drama animation which is usually anathema to her.

I would never recommend living your life in a manner where when something comes along you worry about it not being as good as something you’ve already experienced! :)

I assume they’ll be dropping the live action elements?
That was a big part of what set the movie apart from your generic animated kiddie movie. At least for me I had no clue as to that whole meta aspect to it and so that was a great surprise which gave it a whole lot of extra flavour.

That’s a tough trick to repeat, for sure. It was brilliant in execution, and gave a whole different layer to the narrative. Duplicating that perspective shift couldn’t be done without feeling like a cheap rip off. So they’d probably have to play it straight, which would make it far less meaningful.

I kind of feel like they have to include the boy and his dad in the sequel, at least in a small cameo. It would be cool to see if Emmet has questions about them, who they are, what it’s all about. They opened the door to that at the tail end of the first movie, with the alien invasion happening because the boy’s sister wanted to play with the legos.