Lego Star Wars

Anyone playing this? It’s hilarious!

You know how people are constantly doing LEGO movie versions of Spider-Man or The Matrix? That’s kinda what Lego Star Wars feels like: a campy version of Episodes 1-3, kinda poking fun at it, but never in a mean way. I mean, they’ve got a LEGO version of Padme with the ripped shirt! :)

It’s a very easy game, and the camera controls can be a little weird, but there’s a lot of fun stuff here for Star Wars fans. If you could find it for $20, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat.

I actually pre-ordered the Xbox version b/c I saw it at GDC and thought it rocked. :)

I played the demo and plan on picking it up when it arrives over here. The demo was fun, and the unlocked “free mode” was very cool.
And the co-op mode was very well done.

My kids played through this in co-op and loved it. However, there’s a big spoiler in the game for episode 3 apparently. My kids were very unhappy to see something they think will happen in the last movie.

I so want this! Lego Darth Maul is so adorable!

BTW, the Frankenvader scene at the end of Lego Star Wars is so much better than the scene in the real movie. The cute little Vader hops off his gurney, gives a hearty (!) in his thought balloon, and then crushes some machinery or something in the background. Perfect. And all sans ‘nooooooooo’.

Of course, one of the fuckers at Shoot Club managed to overwrite my Lego Star Wars save game when he decided to start a new game. If I ever want to see Lego Frankenvader again, I’ll have to replay the entire fucking game. All two hours or so of it.


What a great and fun game. Played co-op with my cousin. I hope they do Episodes IV, V and VI.

What a great and fun game. Played co-op with my cousin. I hope they do Episodes IV, V and VI.

At E3, I was disappointed to see that that the developer is currently cranking out what looks like a pretty straightforward and kid-oriented Narnia tie-in. Seems like a waste of their talents. I’d much rather see them bring this angle to other franchises … Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Matrix, Lego LOTR, etc.

A Titanic game? ZZZzzz. But LEGO Titanic? Done in the same campy style as Lego Star Wars, I’d play it. :)

Did you stumble forward, crush things, and scream “nooooooooo!” when you found out?

“My saved game. Psss whooo. Where… Psss whooo… is my saved game?”

My boys and I bought this on my birthday ostensibly so that part of my birthday present that day would be sitting down and spending a couple of hours playing alongside my kids. Well, they soon took over, letting me know, in no uncertain pre-teen ways, that this game was beyond my ken – that I was, in fact, too lame to play it.

In the past couple of months, they’ve picked it up now and again. They like trying to unlock seemingly silly things that add nothing to the game, but provide them no end of amusement (I think the first thing that really did this was unlocking big mustiachios for Obi-Wan and Anakin).

Apparently, you get to play in Ep 4 a bit if you clear out all the content. I can’t verify this except from the anecdotes of a 9 year old.

This game was a hit at our house too. I’d like to see the Lego treatment in other games as well. Maybe a Matrix game with Lego characters might be tolerable, unlike the movies.

There was another Lego game that was actually pretty good too, one where you controlled a squad of Lego secret agents or something like that. It was basically a puzzle game but it had a lot of charm.

The developer for this was Traveller’s Tales, responsible for the very weak Haven: Call of the King and the not very good Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex. They seem to specialize in licenced games (Finding Nemo), going back to the DC (Buzz Lightyear) and N64 (A Bug’s Life). Haven was their only original IP, and that went very badly, with the Xbox and GC versions being cancelled. I played the first few levels of Haven and found nothing to make me want to play more.

A Narnia game seems right in line with their pattern.

Apparently, you get to play in Ep 4 a bit if you clear out all the content. I can’t verify this except from the anecdotes of a 9 year old.

If you get a perfect score in all 17 levels (which is a trivial task once you unlock the invincibility mode), you can play the first scene of Ep 4 as Vader and a Stormtrooper running around Leia’s ship killing rebel troops. Sadly no other scenes from the original trilogy are in the game. :(

Which one should I get? PC or XBox?

I like to buy games on their native platform. For this one, it’s the console.

Picked this up on rental for the PS2 the other night, it’s kept me and flatmate amused for a couple of nights. If only other recent star wars games were as charming and entertaining as this one.

(I know, I’m playing on a console, still waiting for a net connection so I can play “proper” games again ;))

If anyone is playing Lego Star Wars 3 on the DS/3DS can you clue me in to how I’m supposed to save my game? I went through 25 minutes and it didnt save it. tried it again and it still doesnt seem to be saving or giving me that option…

Never mind, its just like 35 minutes between saves…