Lego Universe MMO

Was just playing around on with my 6-year old and discovered Lego Universe MMO.

Perhaps a nice introduction to MMOs for the wee tots in our homes…get em ganking people online as early as possible, says I.

Unless its got a player-driven economy and meaningful PvP, I’m just not interested.

Lego PvP…the mind boggles with possibilities.

Nerf 2 by 3 red blocks!

Penny Arcade from a few months ago:

Just got:

“Congratulations, you have been chosen to participate in the Closed-Beta test of LEGO Universe!”

My 8-year old son is gonna shit a solid gold (Lego) brick. Who am I kidding? I can’t wait to design my Indy-army-agent-starwars minifig and start camping Power Miner rock monster spawns!

I got in too!

I hope it is as good as I want it to be.

Got in to :)

I hope that Netdevil do better with Lego than they did with Mad Max Online.

Sigh… I didnt get an invite…

I did, already been playing with my son. Can’t configure the controls but using xpadder we are playing it with a 360 pad.

Thanks for the heads up guys. I just signed my son up, he’s 10 and he’s salivating over this in a big way. I hope he gets a beta invite. I’m not even going to tell him about the beta or he’ll just bug the snot out of me daily about it.


Close to 40 years I’ve been faithful to you, LEGO, signed up to follow development nearly day one, and this how you treat me?


Yeah, I signed up at CES. Even told the devs demoing it, that I was Danish which should give me an automatic invite, and… nothing.

/impotent rage/

They did a great job with Jumpgate. ;)

Here’s a screen shot:

All I gotta say is that this game has a ton of promise, but I doubt it will live up to expectations, or potential. I’m also hoping that they’ll do a flat fee per month for all content versus charging by the brick or some crazy crap like that.

I am eager and yet apprehensive.

Guys – Disclaimer: I am NOT guaranteeing anything! But my friends at NetDevil say they are not out of keys. If you’ve signed up at the website, you have a good chance of getting in.

You have friends at NetDevil?!?!?! Ask them about when the beta for Jumpgate Evolution will finally happen, please. :) /derail

Son and I had ear-to-ear grins while “testing” this last night. Wife came down and I said “Look, Alex is play-testing the new Lego Universe online game!” and she replied “Alex?”

So I relinquished the keyboard and mouse and sat back, pouting…

Anyway, there’s an NDA obviously so I’ll just say that it is definitely “beta” but we had fun in the little time we were able to play (test).