Lego Universe MMO

It’s not an NDA, it’s a code of secrecy!

I was a bit annoyed when I tried to create an account name though (on the website to sign up for beta), and Daagar was denied because it contained the word “Aa”. :(

Well, I hope they don’t ban Legolas because it has Lego in it. I have big plans for a brick elf.

I have huge hopes for this game as my son is just being exposed to Duplo and I will graduate him to Lego as soon a I can. I had a dining room table built with a full town when I was a kid. I still have all my bricks too.

Suffice to say, this would be a game for me if there ever was one.


Quick, someone notify Joystiq.


So what is it about? Is it about building or questing or what?

It’s like an MMO (not being snide) - the building (so far) isn’t free form at all, more like “oh you collected X now you can build Y at the special build Y site”. I’m still very early though.

My 5 year old was having control issues (due to her age) so I might look into seeing if I can get an XBOX controller or something she can handle.

There’s a free build mode but you do it on your own property.

This game is now available for pre-order with October 12 early access. The game’s site is still incredibly sparse. Is there any more good information floating around about this one?

There is precious little information available, even for beta testers.

“The username is not allowed to contain the word: Po”

Er, why??

Also, here’s the Lego page on my website!

My son (11 year old) is in the beta and while he enjoys playing it, he also seems to have gotten bored of it pretty quickly. Can’t see it as something we’d be paying for right now.

Awesome, NetDevil put resources into this rather than Jumpgate Evolution, and now it doesn’t look that good? Gorrammit. :( /troll

Ditto here, with 10-year-old son who is a LEGO fanatic. Part of it is the beta is only online (at least recently) on weekends, which are prime time for him to actually, you know, go outside and play. Part of it is that (again, at least recently when he was playing) there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do just yet.

I assume they’ll be adding content and ramping up the number of players as the beta counts down to release. I don’t think enough of the actual game is in place yet to make a judgement call right now.*

*NDA prevents me from saying more, though I’ve already pretty much violated it just by saying what I have.

This is both a problem with character creation and also in-game chat in general. LEGO seems to be deathly afraid of having anything appear in chat that could even remotely resemble swearing or personal information of any sort. So the game checks what you type against a database of “safe” words… all ten of them.

It might be better if they adopted the Wizard 101 method of providing a bunch of name parts (on LEGO bricks perhaps) and allow people to construct names. It would fit the theme and also allow them the ability to control all the names. Also, Wizard 101 handles the chat filter fairly well with canned chat and other filter techniques.

Yeah had the same issues with the uptime on the beta and lack of stuff to do.

As I recall they have that, but they also let you try and make your own name if you want. And Wizard 101 is the one online game that he still plays on a regular basis, they’ve done really well putting that one together.

What’ the word on this? There was a new combat video released yesterday., but I have not heard much else as of late.