Less Scam / Spoof / Robo - calls lately?

My girlfriend just mentioned that she hasn’t gotten a single scam or robo call in two weeks, either on her home phone or her cell phone. She said the silence has been kind of eerie.

Which got me thinking that I haven’t had one either, for at least a week that I know of, possibly more.

Anybody else noticing this, or just an anomaly?

I was getting a few a day a month or two ago. Now I get a couple a week. Something changed.

Yes, the calls have dropped way down. But I did get a call two days ago claiming I had won a vacation. Really? I hung up on him right away.

Thanks assholes, now I know why I’m getting so many more!

Call centers on lockdown.

I was getting a crapload in the hospital. Was so annoying, but since I’ve been home it’s been cut down. Last one I stared to lecture them and they hung u on me.

I’d buy that, except that this decrease in calls was happening before any other businesses were shut down.
Besides, I have a problem believing that those ruthless robo-call center bosses are having the best interests of their employees at heart. At the very least, they’d be forcing them to work from home.

The volume of calls has definitely been down. But it’s been a few months like that for me. No idea why…I have Nomorobo. Have had for years. Nothing’s changed.

The phone companies have been saying for a long time they were working on a technological solution for spoofing. Maybe they did something.

My calls are down a little, like from 5 to 6 a day to 2. But now I’m getting spam texts, too. That’s new for me.

A new law went into effect late last year that forced telecoms install methods to detect spoofed calls better, you’re probably noticing the impact of that.

DoJ finally shutdown some of the foreign gateways into America for a bunch of robocallers

I’m getting more lately. Three spam calls yesterday, auto blocked.

Hopefully they died, drowning in their own bile, gasping for breath.

I’ve been getting around a half dozen or more a day in the last month or so. Ever since I opened up my resume on some of the job boards. But it wasnt as bad last summer when I was on more of the job sites.

Press release from the Department Of Justice March 27th.

I believe my blocker stopped 2 or 3 calls in the last month, but generally, things have been quiet on my phone.