Lethal Company is the friends we made along the way

Theres a new cool game on the internet. A experience of panic induced terror that masterfully mix a few genres into a single cheap game made by a single dev.

I love it :D

Obligatory side rant about not having any friends that are into the same games as me or not tied up with other obligations.
Casual spiteful remark about playing with randoms being a fate worse than death.

Rant about early access with nested subrant about people who post about early access games without disclosing that they’re early access games

Rant received. I had not idea that was a issue. Yea, is a early access game, and a very early one. It feels a game complete 100%, but being early access mean can change the latter. I dunno, maybe they can add Xmax hats to the inventory :D

Is a nice game to play with strangers and friends. GOTY of the year 2023 no doubt. And made by a single person too :D

Has for the “not having friends”. I have played for 18’5 hours with strangers. Its not so much a issue. Sometimes you find people you connect, sometimes not. But they will always die in horrrible ways, so is fun anyway :D

Kiddo’s been playing it with friends* for a few days. I see much jank - almost seems like a Roblox game with better (not great!) models. They’re having a blast.

(*A thing reserved for youth, it seems.)

The graphics are just perfect in every possible way. The silly way the players run. The dumb dance animation. The weird pointing hand. Everything is ridiculous and funny, and then horrible.

In a sense is a zoomers game that way, 50 % horror, 50 % absurd fun. It has a bit of inspiration from games like Five Nights at Freddy, and apparently they take some enemies from there… that FNF took from Doctor Who, but people have not watched Doctor Who.

So who want to play a game with Doctor Who enemies that is part terrific and part hilarious?

My son’s been playing this last week and made me buy it, but I haven’t had a chance to play yet. I’d be happy to join a QT3er.

Bought it before I found out you can’t reconfigure keyboard controls. Sucks being a southpaw.

I am starting to regret installing this game. Is eating my free hours, and every time I have good laughs and since fear and surprises and meet new people, but I want to do shit :D

I am curious about the future development, but since is a single dev, mostly about Hats and Easter Eggs stuff.

Also, I hope this guy continue developing games and we don’t lose him. Every minute I am playing I am in absolute awe how well designed is the whole thing. Audio, video, gameplay mechanics. Is a masterpiece.

Dude it’s like playing a game in a 1950’s tv with all the static and if it’s more than 640x480, I’d be surprised so how you can say the video and audio are a masterpiece is beyond me.

I’ve played (check’s my steam account), um 3.5 hrs and it’s a struggle to learn how the game works. Eg, I tried staying in the ship & guiding people, but the map is all over the place and no way to tell people how to get over to this section because all their paths are blocked. I see it on the map, I’ve figured out how to open doors and disarm turrets, but that’s about it.

From the little I’ve played it, it basically is dying 100 times to learn what can kill you and avoid those things in the future. It basically comes down to “hey what is this thing?” can easily be answered by “it will kill you”.

Getting enough scrap to buy a weapon is one thing, learning how to use that scan gun to actually kill something? I don’t know. The one guide on steam on how to remove fleas means you have a shovel. Where do you get a shovel? I guess buy it? Shrug.

The mechanic of seeing how far you can get (you have to get so much scrap in 3 days to advance) is fun, figuring out the maps and kind of knowing what to expect is fun. Dying isn’t too bad.

But the audio and video are shit. total shit. So bad one of our friends refuses to even buy the game. It’s 2023 ffs.

Just so you can start to appreciate the masterpiece that is the audio and video in this game:

When you find a dead body the first time, the screen blurs a little, and threes a tremble sound effect, like this is horrible.

The whole game is build like a scary movie or a one of these horror games, is full packed with cues and hints to build tension and horror.

Is very hard to build fear in a multiplayer game, because people is coward alone, but feel supported by other people accompanied. Is very easy for a coop game to make the players laugh at the monster, even ridicule it. Games like this one or Phasmophobia manage to “win” against this dynamic.
Lethal Company somewhat run with it, and allow the players to be both scared and laugh their guts of.

Enemies are not supposed to be killed. Some can be killed, but this is not a Bug Hunt. Not saying trying to turn this into a Bug Hunt is wrong, every play style is okay, but the game is designed to laught at your attemp to go around the bases with a stun weapon and a shovel.

I can’t comment much about the “Graphics are bad”. Its 2023, photography was invented in 1826… realism was not the paragon of artistry since a very long time, and artistry is about subjetivism, that pure realism convey poorly. Lethal Company looks like how the author want it to look, through a bunch of poorly programmed unity shaders and stock models.

I really appreciate your response @Teiman and your love for the game shows. Thank you for the detailed response!