Lethal Weapon is going to be a TV show now


So the first 2 episodes of this for 2019 have been fantastic. We have 4 to go and then I guess its over?

How crazy is it to have a main cast member get killed off (with all the behind the scenes drama), and then replaced by someone who I dare say has filled their shoes and maybe even been better?

If anything, the writers on this show are some of the best currently working.

Bowman and the Doc are gone now for quite awhile.
Leo Getz needs his own show!


“They found the bike dumped under an overpass in Tujunga.”

HEY! That’s where I live! Woo-hoo!

I miss Claine Crawford, but I love Sean William Scott anyway, and I think he’s doing a fine job filling difficult shoes. The real problem is the sleepwalking Damon Wayans is doing. Frankly it’s embarrassing given how much everybody else is putting into the show.


“Mind if I use that portable keyhole?”


That sums it up. They did a great job of writing Seans character into the show and he has been pretty good in the role. Not an easy thing to do, setting into Crawford’s place, as he was pretty much perfect as Riggs but he and the writers have done surprisingly well. OTOH as you mentioned Wayans is phoning it in. I feel like they could move on from Wayans character and give SWS a new older partner to maintain that dynamic and actually improve the show.