Let's argue about the top 35 sci-fi films since Blade Runner


I figured any apocalyptic scenario still counted as sci-fi because it was speculative. Maybe that’s a broad definition. Strike it and put in Brazil, if you like.


What about The Road, A Boy and His Dog, The Day After, Threads for post apocalyptic options? There’s probably others, that’s just off the top of my head.


Lists! I’m too lazy to think of all the scifi films I’ve seen over the last 35 years so I’ll just stick to the hater role, and say: remove A.I. and Looper unless you want to make a ‘most inane’ list.


The more I think about it the harder time I’m having trying to draw the lines. I guess The Rover feels like a “mundane” societal collapse. Something like a Mad Max, post-apocalyptic scenario where everything has gone tribal and technology is set back by decades is at the far end of the spectrum from The Rover. There’s almost nothing speculative to my mind about The Rover, because it’s not asking you to imagine much beyond the sort of devastation we already see in some areas following natural disasters—it’s just resource scarcity, writ large.

At least, that’s how I remember it. I should really watch it again.


Well, it’s speculative insofar as it imagines a scenario that hasn’t happened. I got the sense that the scope was bigger than just ‘it’s a failed state.’ Heck, even if it was just ‘Australia has become a failed state like Afghanistan’ that would be speculative – because if Australia was a failed state that would imply a much wider collapse in the world, I’d think.

Anyway, I don’t want to argue definitions all day. Brazil it is.


Hey, the person who created this thread called it “Let’s argue.” There might be some words after that, I didn’t pay attention. Bring it, amigos. Arguments for the argument god!


Clue is Tim Curry’s best role by a country mile.

Am I doing it right?







I have been deeply disappointed in the amount of decorum and respect expressed in this topic so far. Fight harder you pantywaists!






Curse you, Banzai! Must you hound me even now? Explain THIS! throws switch, nothing happens


Maybe this belongs in here.


Hmm, if I had to answer that point blank I think I might actually go with Her. Or Melancholia.


I’d vote for the Martian. I’m not a hard sci fi purist, but it strikesme as odd to rule a film out for being too well grounded in science.


Heavens, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. It posits a manned Mars mission. There has never been such. I mean, is something ruled out as sci-fi if its advanced technology could possibly one day be built? That sounds a bit crazy to me. Is anyone actually arguing The Martian isn’t sci-fi?


Star Wars franchise stuff aside, what are some good sci fi movies that are child appropriate?


Wall-E and The Iron Giant leap readily to mind. I’m sure there are tons more.


Short Circuit yoooooo

I see you up there, @Timex.