Lets Find It on the Web, part I


I am going blind searching for a video or animation for my 3 year old. I am teaching her about the Sun and the Earth, and how our rotating causes day and night; I would love to find a visual aid for this.

I know there are some serious google fu masters here, so I thought I would seek your help.


This site has links devoted to educating children about various astronomy topics:


This site is designed by NASA for kids:



You absolutely need that. It’s free and a lot more interactive than any video.

NASA I can understand.

However, there’s some absolutely strange “For Kids” areas for obscure federal agencies.

A bunch of these can be found at the FirstGov for Kids site.

  • Alan

Get a copy of the Blue’s Clues video, “Blues Big Pajama Party.” There is a scene where Steve (Not Joe!) and Blue skidoo into space. They meet the sun and the earth and they explain the whole earth spinning day/night thing.

Did I mention it stars Steve and not Joe? Amazon.com doesn’t have any new ones, but a ton of used copies are listed through their affiliates for about a buck each + shipping.

rock on! thanks, guys! i knew you could do it!