Let's get physical...with our media! The relative merits of owning vs streaming

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. If it’s something I really love, I’ll get it physically.

My wife has been kinda acrid about me continuing to buy physical media…but then our Internet was out the other day, and we were able to continue our watch of Northern Exposure due to having it on disk, so I think she’s coming around.

I got rid of just about all my DVDs some years back, just donated them to a friend. There were some I couldn’t get rid of; I’ve still got the full collection of Futurama and Monty Python, first ten season of the Simpsons, stuff I knew I’d regret if they were gone. Several others I just upgraded to bluray, bunch of Star Trek movies and TV series, some Kurosawa, Jaws, 2001, Lebowski, you know, the classics. But I’m being much more conscious of what takes space in my library - partly because it shares space with what I guess you’d call my “retro” game library, old PS/PS2, Xbox, Game Boy stuff. Because that’s another catch - my wife doesn’t really pay attention to what I spend, but she definitely notices how much space all my crap takes up and as long as I can kind of keep it to my corner we have no problems.

Anyway, I guess I’m saying I keep my collection hybrid, I own quite a few digital versions of movies and watch stuff on various subscription services and I’m ok with that. I’ve come around like most people I guess, and don’t feel the need to necessarily “own” all the stuff I watch or listen to or own. With exceptions of course, I’m always going to have a collection. But it’s not anywhere like what it used to be.

We had the exact same situation last fall. Internet was down for an entire holiday weekend. Glad we had lots of DVDs to watch.

Daughter is plowing through The Harry Potter books over Spring break so I am now hunting down deals on the movies. Of course this is right after they were just in the March Madness deal at Gruv. She will have to wait for the next deal and just keep reading :)

Now you know. Every once in a while, disconnect the internet for a few hours. Physical media to the rescue. wink, wink.


As part of that Gruv sale, I picked up “The Last Starfighter” on Blu Ray.

Currently getting that set up on my plex server right now.

That’s probably understandable in the short and medium term, if sad.

But what happens when a bad seaquake really takes out the world-wide-web and there aren’t enough ships to repair the damage to shattered fiber-optic cables on the sea bottom in a timely manner? Can the streaming platforms and The Cloud cope with that?

(This is a good article about undersea cables, and kind of on a tangent to this thread but still worth reading. And it’s a good update to the long Neal Stephenson article, “Mother Earth, Mother Board”, nearly thirty years later. And kudos to you if you have that article on physical media.)

That was fascinating. Thanks.