Let's Get Wii-tarded, in here!

Here are my predictions:

250 price point

New wifi features

New connectivity with DS

slew of surprise DS titles, including pokemon

wiimote on display, tons of games featuring it showed off

surprising lack of mention of super smash melee and metroid for wii

Post thoughts, impressions, messages of undying hate, etc!

Predict: new add-on, the “Wii-zinator.”

Let’s face it, I don’t know what they could do to fuck up after the Sony sticker-shock.

I’m not making any more predictions. Every time I think I have a handle on how stupid console makers are willing to get, I get one-upped. First Microsoft wants me to buy their retard pack, then Nintendo wants me to call their product “Wii,” and now Sony wants me to take out a second mortgage to buy their console. At this point, Nintendo could announce that they plan to only manufacture 10 systems and then force the world to fight for them in a giant gladiatorial arena, and I would only be mildly surprised.

fwiw, Nintendo did say at some point that the system would have a sub-$200 price point. I hope they don’t reneg. They’ll sell a looot of systems in this generation if they do hit $199, especially after news of Sony’s rediculous price.

A price point over $150 will kill this console.

Why is that?

As long as you can fight with swords by waving the remote… it will be awesome!

Cool idea, if Sony would do it I’d actually be closer to a PS3 than I’m today… :)

Not any more.

unlikely prediction^H^H^Hguess: $179.

I realize 200 or 250 is still cheap compared to microsoft and sony’s offerings. However if they really want to expand their market and draw in the non gamers, it needs to be 150 or less.

Maybe, but there’s a big difference between “not expanding the game market by attracting non-gamers” and “getting killed.”

I keep wondering if a really low price point could actually hamper them by giving it an air of cheapness (the “doesn’t Mom love me enough?” factor). Even if it does though, I think that could be countered by the parents being the ones controlling the purse-strings and feeling the sting of the PS3 price, and if the kids are wowed by strong launch titles with wider appeal.

We should be hearing more about the latter, at least. The text feed has already mentioned something about a Star Wars game.

What is stupid about that? That rocks.

If the giant gladitorial fights were televised, complete with Real World-esque cutaway interviews, it would be truly awesome.

I just keep seeing the squirrel from the “gonads and strife” flash anim saying “blah blah blah blah Wiiiiiiiiii!”

Wiiiii! Hold onto your life. Hold onto your little…

That flash movie and the “Has Anybody Seen My Corpse” are two pieces of EQ culutre that never get old.

If you can screw the wii-motes together tail to tail and wield them like Darth Maul, I’ll pay their $250. Gladly.

OWIILY? With… lightsabers!?

Well we can keep arguing for a while, they’re not announcing pricing or an exact release date at E3 apparently. At least not at their conference.

Basically, with $500 point of entry for the PS3 and a $300 point of entry for the 360, the Wii (goddamn I hate typing that as much as saying it) should be priced at $199 or less and position itself to become the system of choice for the under 17 crowd. The average parent will balk at Sony’s hefty pricetag, and with Wii (grrr!!!) likely to have far more kid friendly titles than the 360, the choice is virtually made for the parent going in.