Let's hear it for the REAL worst pres. in recent US history!

eh? eh?

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say GW will win. :D

Hey! I voted for Eisenhower, but my vote wasn’t counted. I’ve been disenfranchised!!!

I’m confused now. I though Clinton was Satan and now he gets no votes!

It was a toss-up for me between Dubya and Carter, but the neo-con influence on a certain presidency won out in the end.

Who voted Johnson?

I mean, seriously. Come on.


Those of us who were unimpressed with the 30,000 American soldiers killed in combat on his watch.

I was tempted to. After George W. Bush and Carter, he’s probably the worst.

How the hell is Dubya worse than Nixon??

Have you not been paying attention the last 4 years?

Nixon got us out of a war.

Yeah, other than the “horrible murderous criminal” part, he was actually pretty effective.

Not to mention that under Nixon we finally started cleaning up the air and the water. He was Tricky Dick and all that, but credit where it’s due.

Nixon was paranoid and ruthless, but he was a pragmatist and very smart. I wish GWB was a pragmatist or smart.

As for Johnson…I’ve read that he used to make reporters keep interviewing him while he was taking a crap with the door open. Gotta respect that.

You guys weren’t alive when Nixon was president, right? That guy was a truly evil bastard criminal. He made Johnson (who had a very shady background in his Texas politics) look like a saint.

I was alive, but very young.

I’ve read all the Hunter S. Thompson books though, and I still think Bush is worse.

I was tempted to. After George W. Bush and Carter, he’s probably the worst.[/quote]

Yes but Johnson is nearly a saint next to the likes of Nixon and Bush.