Let's Play Choice of Robots


I’ll go with #3.

Although I’m kind of regretting everything now. If we created a robot army and had a robot revolution and failed to obliterate Thomas Kincade, I don’t know what we did it for…


We didn’t even get to kill that asshole reporter, Mark. That’s really my biggest regret.


We have 3 votes for four, and 2 each for one and three, which means we’ll choose to create a robot body and brain for myself. I’m not attached to this squishy meat.

No change in stats.

The doctor raises her eyebrows. “Oh, really?”

“I can try, anyway,” you say.

“Master, I’m so pleased you’ll finally be one of us!” arachne says. “I had sometimes worried about what would happen when you passed away…but now we can be repaired forever!”

“Very well,” says the doctor. “I will not schedule any surgery for you. Good day.”

You leave the hospital eager to start your greatest project ever.

`When you get home, Arachne quickly hides in her room and shuts the door.

You find the house too quiet for your comfort. It occurs to you that it’s very late in life for you to be alone.

What will you pour for yourself?

  1. A glass of water.
  2. Wine.
  3. Scotch.


#3, on the rocks


I never picked anything other than 3. Scotch.


Cuz lord knows I ain’t gonna build my robo-body anything less than three sheets to the wind

3. Scotch.



I’m glad to see that only water is limited to a single glass.


I’ll be contrarian with #2.


Sorry for the delay, guys. I was married last saturday, and have spent most nights since assembling IKEA furniture.

We have 4 votes for three, and Nightgaunts dissenting vote for two, which means we’re having Scotch.

No change in stats.

You go to the Scotch cabinet and pour yourself a small tumbler of Laphroaig.

What song would you like to listen to tonight?

  1. “Shiny Things,” by Tom Waits.
  2. Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem,
  3. “It’s Only Time,” by the Magnetic Fields.


Congrats, Nikolaj!

3. “It’s Only Time,” by the Magnetic Fields.

I would pick War Requiem were it not for the whole We Didn’t Get To Fight The Real War thing.


Congratulations man!



Congrats, Nikolaj!

#3 for me.


#1. “Shiny Things,” by Tom Waits.

Congratulations, Nicolaj!


Congratulations, and thanks so much for typing these up. It’s been incredibly entertaining, and I hope a great ad for the Choice Of games.


Big congrats man!!!

3 for me this time around.



I vote for #1.


Thanks for the felicitations, guys! It’s been pretty hectic, since we also recently moved to a new apartment, but we’re starting to settle in now, and enjoy our new home and of course our marriage. :)

Anyways, enough about that. We have 1 vote for option two, 2 for option one, and 3 for option three: “It’s Only Time,” by the Magnetic Fields.

No change in stats.

A slow piano song from the turn of the century starts up, and Stephen Merritt’s lugubrious bass begins, “Why would I stop loving you a hundred years from now? It’s only time.”

It’s true: your heart has not changed so much over the years, though everything else has. What you love, you have always loved, will always love, for as long as you live. When you were young, the thought of yourself at fifty was incomprehensible. That seems silly to you now, but understandable. Time is not symmetric: the past is always closer than the future. You drift to sleep.

The next day, you take Arachne to the range just outside Washington, D.C., hoping walking around one of her favorite kinds of places will cheer her up. Although Arachne had been excited about the prospect of your becoming more machine-like at first, the possibility of your death during surgery seems to have sunk in.

The idea that you may not always be around seems to have put Arachne in a somewhat melancholy mood. “I’m not young anymore, either, Master,” Arachne says. “You might not think of me as aging, but technology ages even faster than people. I look just old and clunky compared to the robots around us. When you built me, people would throw away their computers after just four years. Their phones, after two.”

“Nobody’s going to throw you away,” you assure Arachne.

“Without you, I’ll probably stop working. Someday,” Arachne looks off into the distance. “If I die, Master, do you think I will continue to exist after death in some form?”

  1. “You’ll live on in the ways you changed people’s lives, Arachne.”
  2. “I don’t see why you couldn’t have a soul.”
  3. “But that’s the difference between us, Arachne. You never need to die.”


You’re welcome! I’m also hoping it will bring a bit of business to Choice of Games, although I’m not sure if all of their games quite compare to Choice of Robots.


Jeez, things are taking a turn for the serious.

.3. “But that’s the difference between us, Arachne. You never need to die.”


#3 for me as well