Let's play picture telephone!

Would like to kick this off with the qt3 crowd to hopefully get it started on the right foot. :) I’ve been working on what’s essentially a web version of eat poop you cat. Some of you may remember playing a version called broken picture telephone on here a few years back. Ever since it disappeared I’ve wanted to make one and finally here it is… in beta form!


Please sign up and give it a try. Note that you can set your username to whatever you want after registration (it’s set to your first name by default).

Let me know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions, thoughts, etc. Updates will be coming often!

UPDATE: We’re now playing private Qt3 games! Check the last page of the thread for invites. Here is the result of the debut game…

I loved BPT back in the day. Everyone loves this “Draw Something” app but it’s just not half as funny as this game. I’ll give it a shot.

The only sad part is that all the games are busy right now. I played a bit and found it to be slightly addicting. I might have to see if this is accessible at work…

And I’ve apparently maxed out the games you can create. Whoops…

Awesome, I’ve missed BPT!

Sadly we need a few more unique users in order to actually complete a game. Hopefully soon!

My art skills royally suck, but giving this a go.

I joined and did a few. I also enjoyed BPT back in the day! Can’t wait to see some of the finished games!

I’m in for two drawings and two phrases!

This is ten kinds of awesome.

Was Princess in a Castle the first game in the beta? If it was, I did the first drawing. I’m a big part of history now.

Great, looks like we’re rolling! Lots of games completing now.

I absolutely loved this drawing by rowe33, haha.

Any reason for the strict limitation on the number of characters you can write when guessing pictures? Till now it’s been a bit of a hassle to shorten my phrases to meet the requirements. Some of the pictures are pretty elaborate after all.

Or am I just playing wrong? :)


I love this game.

That’s the second one in a row that I had to draw ‘poop’!!

I submitted the guess before the last drawing. You’re a poop to be reckoned with, sir!

Also, internet in a nutshell: http://drawception.com/viewgame/nRq1ayfk3M/

lovin it. you sir are about to make waves on teh interwebs :)

I must say I am rather embarrassed at my art skills after seeing what others have managed to do.

This is embarrashing brillant, I say.

I just assume they’re using drawing tablets so I don’t feel so bad! @250 people now but I still end up drawing about 95% of the time. I remember that same problem with BPT…

It seems like you’ve got a plan to create private matches at some point so that’s good. I hope to see some great Qt3 games in the near future.

In terms of the drawing canvas the game could use an “undo” button to remove the previous line and a “fill” action as well.

The major problem with the original BPT is that a lot of the games were lost in the either because people wouldn’t take or skip their turn so the game was on infinite hold. If that doesn’t happen here and you add a few more paining options then this will be awesome.

I apologize to everyone in advance for my horrible horrible drawings. It’s bad enough I can’t draw but I have short breaks where I can’t spend a lot of time on them so they’re double bad.

Someone made an iphone app called DrawSomething. The free version only has basic drawing tools. If you want to draw with more colors, you have to get his pay version.