Let's play "Predict the Exploits" (UT2004)

While the original Unreal Tournament was a great game, people quickly found ways to exploit the game physics in ways unforseen by the game developers. From use of the translocator to “teletrain” across the map without ever touching ground, to the use of the Redeemer to launch flags across entire maps, there were a number of ways to get around carefully planed choke points and game map balance put there by the creators.

UT2003 attempted to curtail a number of these exploits, but with the surge of interest in UT2004, I’m sure there will be new quirks found in the game engine and they’ll be quickly adapted by those looking to score higher in the name of competition.

So any predictions on what we’ll see as the favored techniques and exploits with the latest iteration of the Unreal engine? I’ve already heard people have found ways to be just outside the arena for Onslaught, allowing them to snipe without danger to themselves.

Damn snipers.

If you give the players the power of flight, through vehicles, I would imagine you would already have taken many of those concerns into account.

This is why I usually play with people I know.

The TL skip is still in there, use it all the time.

Personally, ‘exploits’ don’t bother me, if they are quirks within the game world. If you can Rocketjump, Train exc, good for you. It is just another tactic that you have to take into account. Really, warfare isn’t about being fair, its about winning. If you can do something someone else can’t you are going to stop doing it?

My biggest complaint about 2k3 and 2k4 is the use of invisable walls all over the place. Come on, If I want to walk on a girder or some such place, whats the problem? Oh no a tactical advantage? Again, so waht. After a week, everyone knows it and it is no longer the advantage it once was.

My predicted exploit- some way to toss a vehicle all the way across the map using another vehicle.

Let’s play offline only so we don’t have to worry about stupid exploits.

You do realize that it’s a game, and that games are reliant on all players observing a common set of rules. Or do you also support hacks?

You do realize that it’s a game, and that games are reliant on all players observing a common set of rules. Or do you also support hacks?[/quote] Hacks are different; hacks are introducing an advantage to the game that other people don’t have. An exploit in the game itself is something anyone can do, and that makes it a lot more “fair” than a hack.

Certainly there could be exploits that would ruin the experience. If, for example, someone found exploits on an Assault level that interfered with an objective in a way that the offense couldn’t ever win, that would be no fun. Technically though, it’d still be more fair than a hack because in the next round with the roles reversed, the new defenders could do the exact same thing.

Anyway, with exploits the players are all still observing a common set of rules. The difference is that some of the rules are undocumented and have to be discovered.

The problem I have with most exploits is that they tend to radically alter the gameplay away from what one should reasonable expect in the original game.

For example, in Unreal Tournament, there were clans which would have a member grab the enemy flag in CTF and then use the Redeemer explosion to launch the flag all the way across the map and right onto their base. Sure, the other team also has the ability to do this, but it really breaks down the core gameplay intended for the gamemode.

I know most people will disagree with me, but I absolutely hated the ability teletrain. It was a far easier skill to master than the skill required to stop even a mildly successful teletrainer and made it an easy method to defeat much of the purpose of putting distance between two bases in a map, which was to allow the opposing team a reasonable amount of room and time to defend against incoming attackers.

Again, I know that even the best of exploits have some sort of weakness, but when those exploits radically change the gameplay from what I expect out of the particular game mode, and when they also require me to spend more time developing counterskills specific to those exploits versus the normal skills required to play the game without them, then they begin to annoy me.

Agreed, LANs (and passworded servers) only for me.

One exploit in UT CTF that wasn’t seen much in public play but was common in upper level clan matches was the ability for the flagcarrier to use a combination of the impact hammer and jumpboots to launch off a vertical wall and fly across half the map. It was quite irritating to deal with, but eventually the clan I was in was able to counter it with good strategy.

The only way that this type of exploit/tactics are brought to the light of day is through the insane efforts of highly competitive freaks to discover any possible means of gaining an advantage over their opponents. There is no hope for developers to prevent these exploits…they can only watch and learn and react with patches. Epic has always been very good with releasing patches to counter such issues and I expect they will do the same with UT2004.

Agreed, LANs (and passworded servers) only for me.[/quote]

I wonder if matt and angie are going to host a priv server for this like they did with Enemy Territory. I had fun playing there, even if I am sort of an outsider.

Agreed, LANs (and passworded servers) only for me.[/quote]

I wonder if matt and angie are going to host a priv server for this like they did with Enemy Territory. I had fun playing there, even if I am sort of an outsider.[/quote]
That wasn’t us, it was a friend’s.

Who cares. I absolutely pwn3d the Onslaught servers I played on the other night. Guess that entire day of bot practice and learning the map paid off. is that an exploit?


seconded :D

that server was a fun experience :lol:

Hacks and quirks in the engine are two totally different things.
Hacking your game for an advantage is cheating. Using something everyone has acess to is adapting. Your honor might not allow it, but not everyone is like that-as we have all seen.

Exploits that have become excepted behavior-Rocket jumps and strafe jumping in Quake games. When they disabled it in EF2 people went insane.

If you are using an exploit and griefing- like Deckbombing in no-FF servers in BF1942, well that’s just being a dick. Yes we can all do it, but why bother? It ends the match in 30 seconds.

I never once saw anyone online bitch about teletraining in UT or hammerjumping in UT Assault. Or the RL launch to the roof on the level with the wierd crystal power thingy. Sure smart assault servers started using the chainsaw as the melee weapon.

Just for the record- I suck at teletraining, and I’m the worst hammerjumper unless I have 10 seconds to line it up just right. But I have no problem with someone using it, if they want.


Everyone has access to downloading hacks also. I don’t see why it’s a huge difference if you’re using clearly unintended tactics that don’t require you to download something as opposed to ones that do–the sentiment is the same, and the argument that everybody can or can’t use it really breaks down to “well everybody can, but they’ll have to find a place where they can get it”, which is a pretty irrelevant distinction.

Some tactics are borderline, some aren’t even close. Hacks are only different from engine quirks in that they’re never borderline, but the perceived complete distinction between the two is enough for everybody to justify using the most insidious of exploits. That’s what good admins are for, I guess, if you can find one that’ll actually ban exploiting yet not impose fundamentalist language restrictions on you. Good luck.

HAHA…I never heard of that one.

Yeah, sounds crazy and impossible, but I’ve seen it done on a number of CTF-Facing Worlds servers.

Let’s see, what other weird tactics … Oh yeah, using the shock rifle to push team mates carrying the flag along faster on servers with friendly fire damage off.