Let's play Tomb Raider!

Title Let's play Tomb Raider!
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When March 12, 2013

Last week I got an email from a woman named Vickie who asked me to take a look at her let's play series, which she posts on YouTube under the name owlsighs..

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I gave it a view, its nice to see the perspective and hear the thoughts of the opposite sex on the environment and circumstances Lara is in. And at least I know I am not alone in dying quite a few times due to the QTE's. This letsplay series should be fun to watch. :) Great idea Tom.

I too want to know about the candles. Who is that guy, running around the island and lighting up those candles. There must be hundreds of them... when he is finished with his tour, he can start again .... I want to play that game. The Invisible Candle Guy...

I had the same trouble with that QTE. Wish they informed the player the first three or four tries that it was "press F to kick"! (spoiler alert)

I only watched a minute, because I'd love to play the game myself, but thumbs up for Vickie's narration. Who does watch Let's Plays? People who have already finished and want to see someone else do it? People who need game hints? People who want to see the game but don't care to play it themselves?

That was my big hangup too. I figured it out, but not before having to repeat the captured QTE and wolf QTE 5-6 times each.

Odd thing is that for certain events there is a tooltip on the bottom throughout the game. Why didn't they do that for all of them? Have your symbols, but give me a shot here!

Woo-hoo! Super-excited about this.

And big 'yay' on the non-cynical take on this. TR is the perfect game for that. Watching eagerly!

I got confused because at the beginning when Owl says she already started a profile just to make sure it works, I misheard/misinterpreted it somehow and thought she was saying she'd already played the game once and was replaying it for the videos. So I was equal parts impressed and confused by the lengths she was going to to show how someone would work out puzzles I thought she'd already solved once. It made a lot more sense when I realized my mistake.

Anyway, never watched any Let's Plays before, but this was cool. Looking forward to more.

I do, when I'm too exhausted to play anything - seems to be a frequent occurrence now. I also watch Let's Plays to get a taste of obscure games, or to see how some challenging games are played (like Silent Hunter or Crusader Kings).

I've never been so grateful for being too lazy to use a keyboard. I still died once on that QTE, though, as I wasn't sure which button it was going to be and it gives us very little response time. It does provide quite some motivation to get these things right... Poor Lara. :(

Loved the first episode. I giggled a lot because my own internal voiceover during my first hour or so with the game was almost word-for-word the same as yours. :)

I usually hate let's plays, not only because I'd rather spend the time in-game myself, but because I usually hate the voices and personalties of those doing it. The latter isn't effecting me with this LP. (But the former is ;))