Let's settle the debate. Die Hard.


Hey sharks. Here’s some chum.



The Google Trends point is pretty conclusive, but would have been even stronger when paired with the trends data for some other movies:


It’s pretty clear that Die Hard is much closer to Love Actually than to any 80s/90s action movies.


Alan Rickman has that affect. He’s about equally likable in both movies too.

I miss him.


I guess Costner’s Robin Hood is a Christmas movie too.


No, don’t look at me! I was never here!


He died before they could carry out that threat.

Death before Christmas is not a Christmas movie unless the goal of every character in the movie is to make it to Christmas and only one handsome guy and one beautiful woman makes it… then it’s a Christmas slasher movie.


Christmas Slay, for instance, per Christmas classic Ernest Saves Christmas.


Second only to Ernest Scared Stupid in the Ernest holiday special canon, of course.


A preposterous claim. Christmas is obviously the better holiday Verniverse film.

Wait. I might be thinking of Ernest Goes To Jail. Prison was scary, so I might have conflated it with Scared Stupid. I don’t think I ever caught Ernest Scared Stupid, come to think of it, but if it’s as good as you say, I’ll have to track it down for an Arbor Day viewing.


Scared Stupid includes one of my favorite all-time Ernest gags/jokes that goes on juuuust long enough in the plot. My dad and I watched it a ton growing up, but it’s probably been close to 20 years since I’ve seen it. i wonder if it’d hold up for me?


I am pretty sure Ernst goes to camp was one of my favorite, but you know i was young and have never seen them sense.

Ugh, closer to 30 for me I am sure, at least high 20s.

These are not movies I would expect to hold up well.


But what about Lethal Weapon?


“Bah humbug … has been revoked!


Are there any good International Workers’ Day movies? Just asking.


If there is such a movie, I should hope The Housemartins would do the soundtrack.



If you ignore the M and use JC from “John mcClane” he has the same initials as Jesus Christ



Great, now people are going to start calling Die Hard an Easter movie.



Resurrect Hard?


Die Briefly




Oh my God.