Let's settle the debate. Die Hard.


Now that’s a Christmas movie.


Even giant media corporations are getting into the spirit of Christmas!

(note: this isn’t just some amateurishly narrated recut movie trailer for comedic effect. It’s published by the 20th Century Fox account. Buy their products for this holiday season!)


Wow, that was good. Thanks for sharing that. I wonder how that ever got made. That was pretty involved and elaborate.


I’m just going to leave this here. And … quietly exit stage left.


Did you guys hear something? Was that a Christmas ghost?!


Die Hard is not a Christmas movie because it could have taken place over Spring Break.

“Now I have a machine gun. Suns out, guns out.”

See? It works just as well!


His wife’s name is Holly. Isn’t that a tip-off?




Die hard is just as much a Christmas movie as home alone.


I agree with that statement.


And Eyes Wide Shut.


Given your position in this thread, am I correct in interpreting that as you saying you don’t think home alone is a Christmas movie?


Yeah, I don’t really think of Home Alone as a Christmas movie. Although I don’t really think of Home Alone much at all really.


What about 36.15 Code Pere Noel (aka Deadly Games)?


Well, it’s no Rare Exports, but I’d say it looks promising.


I do not accept any part of this post.




Watched it last night and …the references to Christmas are everywhere throughout the movie.

The price of gas in 1988 looks very attractive now.
The speech of the LA cop looks very different after summers where 13 year olds with toy guns now get gunned down on a weekly basis.
My girls were awed at Holly McClain’s hair. I had to explain to them that Big Hair was a thing just like my dad had to explain bee hive hair dos to me. Styles change.


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