Let's settle the debate. Die Hard.


By the way, if you’re wondering if Die Hard really is that good, watch this video and be assured. It’s great.


Was it @tomchick that said Eastern Promises was also a Christmas movie, or was that some other review I read years ago?


Also, Reindeer Games is totally a Christmas movie.



He didn’t choose to run around with no shoes on. He was making fists with his toes. It’s not like anyone else at the party was barefoot.

The movie is actually kind of aggressively non-Christmas: Argyle’s radio playing Christmas in Hollis (“This is Christmas music!”), “Be of good cheer,” the dead dude with the Santa hat, “Merry Christmas” as they open the vault. It’s a Christmas movie in the same way this sweater is a Christmas sweater:

On the other hand, it snows in LA during the finale. That’s a miracle.


Whatevs. I can’t believe you are using “whatevs” in your argument. Dive3…come on now.

The reason. John McClane is there at all. Is because. It’s Christmas. He is estranged from his wife, and thus separated from his family. Christmas is the reason he is in town at all. And the reason he is at Nakatomi Plaza is? Say it with me…A Christmas Party. Hellooooooooo!

He didn’t come out for a random event. He didn’t come out for President’s Day. He didn’t come out to watch fireworks for the 4th. He came, specifically, because it was Christmas.

The relationship struggle he is having with Holly hinges on them having an excuse to have him visit. Because he’s an ass and needs that excuse.

It’s really not all that different from It’s a Wonderful Life, if you think about it.

Also…Lethal Weapon is a Christmas movie. And so is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. So HA!


“Remarks like that will not get you invited to Christmas dinner.”


So … let’s break out what you think would be check marks for an actual Christmas movie? Santa? Gift giving? Scrooge-like behavior, changed after a visit by ghosts?

One of the most highly regarded movies at Christmas time is It’s A Wonderful Life. And we all know the story. A man contemplates suicide, instead a guardian angel gives him flashbacks of things he has done that were good and upon a lot more movie and eventual realization by the main actor, he runs back to get his life back and suddenly things aren’t so bad and his life is great, and oh, by the way, IT JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE CHRISTMAS.

Meanwhile, John McClaine gets called out to the coast by his ex(ish)-wife to see the kids and participate over the holidays. John thinks maybe they can work things out. A lot of action movie gets in the way, but in the end, he gets things worked out and life will (seemingly) be good again. Also by the way, IT JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE CHRISTMAS.

We’re all free to pick what we do or do not think makes a good Christmas movie. But there are no rules that say Die Hard -cannot- be one. So … it is.

I’ll buy it. the plots are different but the point stands. They aren’t about Santa or gifts. They are about reaching the goal of things in the way, (and that goal is) family.


Bear with me a second, and let’s run through a little mind game. Let’s say there was never a Die Hard, sad as that may be, and you and I have been tasked with writing a movie. We make this corker of a story about a dude that flies out to L.A. to see his family, but he has to meet his wife at her place of business. But oh no, while he’s there, European thieves strike! He has to act! And we decide to call this movie, I don’t know, Try Hard.

At some point, I turn to you and say, ok we’re on to something. But what’s the dude’s motivation? Why does he come to L.A. to see his family? And you say I dunno, Christmas? And I say who the hell do you think you are, Shane Black? No, it’s the kid’s birthday. And then we look at our masterpiece of a screenplay and work out what we’ll have to adjust to make this work. Pop quiz, hot shot: how much effort would this be? Don’t wait for the translation, answer me! You can’t handle the truth!


I originally voted for not. But arguments in this thread have convinced me otherwise, so I changed my vote. Who says you can’t change someone’s mind over the internet. It’s a Christmas miracle!


You are a monster. A MONSTER!



Yeah, the arguments in the thread have convinced me for the first time that it is indeed a Christmas movie.

There’s a weird sense of Deja Vu. I feel like Qt3 has debated this before extensively, but the pro-Christmas movie position in that older thread wasn’t as strong and well reasoned.




What’s it like to have no soul? Is it like on Supernatural where you don’t need to eat or sleep? Because that part sounds kind of awesome.


You vote for Trump.





Poor Dive, he tried but he just couldn’t walk away. The pull of proving oneself right vs a bunch of internet strangers is just too much. To quote The Last Crusade ( not a christmas movie ) “Let it go, Indy. Let it go”


I can’t do it! This thread is full of crazy! Even if I go look at some games thread, I just know you guys are going to be in here talking about gathering around the fireplace with a cup of eggnog, ready to fire up Die Hard before setting in for a long winter’s night!



Wait, so you can’t eat or sleep, or you don’t need to eat or sleep? Sleeping I can do without, but I appreciate a nice grilled cheese sandwich.

I love pooping, there’s nothing like that satisfying feeling of elimination, but sometimes it can be inconvenient. If you have no soul, can you just delay pooping until you feel like it, or is that tied to when you last ate like a soulled person?



All right, all right, I’m going to do it. Deep breath, step away, find another thread to talk about stuff. You can do it. Don’t think about Die Hard, don’t think about Die Hard …


We truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

I actually kind of love this. Sweet little Lucy having her birthday party in her mom’s ginormous unfinished office tower. Ellis doing coke while they light the candles. That random couple having sex on her birthday presents.

I’m in.


“You’ll have to forgive Ellis. He gets very depressed this time of year. He thought he was God’s greatest gift, you know?”