Let's settle the debate. Die Hard.


Dude, I was 5 years old when it came out. By the time I was old enough for rated-R, why would I go back and dig up a grampa movie?


The fuck did you just say?


And I was like 1 & 1/2, so doubly yes.


I was gonna offer to host a watch party via some shit like Rabbit so we could share the joy of y’all seeing it for the first time together. As friends.

Now? Fuck y’all.


Uh oh, gramps is up past his bedtime and getting cranky again!


Get off my tower!


Here, let’s see if I can give him an aneurysm. A partial list of other 80s action movies I haven’t seen:

  • Terminator
  • Rambo
  • Robocop
  • Predator
  • Commando
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Escape From New York
  • Road House
  • Red Dawn


In all seriousness, do you have something against the 80s? I mean it was a weird time, sure, but it had so many good movies.


My god. It’s no wonder you kids today are all sorts of fucked up.


My twins were born in 98. They have seen and enjoyed all those movies except Road House, Rambo and Red Dawn. Add Clue to the list. So good. I consider it my duty as a dad to sit down and watch the “kinda classics” with them. Some they don’t see the point of, others they really enjoy. It’s fun to go back.

Lots of cheesy fun in that list. Die Hard and Clue have to be their favourites though. They have watched those many times. You are missing out if you’ve never experienced John’s adventures at the Nakatomi Plaza. Give it a chance some day.


You are an excellent parent.


I’m only four years older than you, but this shows the difference between dads who watch whatever movie they want regardless of their kid’s age, and ones that are more mindful of what movies their kids are exposed to (which I totally am nowadays).


Why thank you. We do our best to educate the young’uns in the ways that really matter. :)

I must confess that my most disappointing revisit has to be The Last Starfighter. I had good memories of it. But we all found it pretty bland and the very early CGI hasn’t aged well. Pity as I loved some of the scenes/quotes.

Can’t win them all.


Hmmm. I’ve seen all of Terminator. I’ve glimpsed bits and pieces of Predator, Big Trouble, and Escape, but only a few minutes of each. Never even touched the rest, though.

Clue is my favorite comedy of all time, though. Dad wasn’t much for action movies, but he loved Clue, Star Wars, and the weird old LotR/Hobbit animated “trilogy” (Well, you know, Rankin-Bass Hobbit + Return, then the Bakshi LotR)., so I saw all of those many, many times over growing up.


This has turned into the worst Christmas thread on Qt3.


Nah, just out of sight, out of mind; I’d probably have a similar list for every previous decade. By the time I was an adult renting movies for myself, most of these were 15+ years old, and not regularly stocked in the last few dwindling Blockbusters (and I never subscribed to cable). So I’d be happy to watch one if the occasion arose, but if it never did, there was a non-zero amount of friction to actually go dig one up.

Add to that a general preference for games and books over movies as a default leisure activity, and for fantasy and sci-fi over real-world action as a genre (I did go back and dig up Blade Runner, Alien(s), Conan, Highlander, for example), and they just never got prioritized.



So. Let me get this straight. You guys only watch movies that were made when you were old enough to… watch them?

So classics like Casablanca, Caine Mutiny, Debbie Does Dallas and the like are out of bounds? Not in your mental gestalt? How does that work? @ChristienMurawski co-ordinate. Does not compute…


You aren’t even a real person.


That certainly makes it a lot easier. Like @Thraeg, I don’t really value movie-watching over my other hobbies. It’s something to do with my gf a couple of times a year, or else just some background noise to stream while I’m eating, mostly, these days. Even when I was younger and a little more “hooked-in,” I’d rather play videogames, read a book, etc., than see most movies, apart from ones of direct and extreme interest to me (in the current day, that translates or more less exclusively to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and comic book movies, plus James Bond).

So, I mean, rather than invest extra effort into digging into the realms of the old, I usually have just gone with the lowest-friction option of whatever’s easily available, which usually means what’s current, or what someone else is pushing me to watch.

And I pretty much only like comedy, scifi, and fantasy movies. I’ll watch an action movie if I need to, but romances, westerns, period dramas, horror, suspense, war movies, etc., all just bore me to tears at best.

And finally, “classics” is almost a negative in my book, given that almost every “classic” book I’ve read has been dreadful at best. I did, actually, manage to watch Casablanca once when I got roped into it by a friend in a movie class. Goddamn, that was a boring movie.

So, that presents a pretty narrow slice of the cinematic oeuvre.

It’s actually so bad that my two closest friends in the area have instituted a mandatory movie night when we hang out, so they can “fill me in” on all the awesome stuff they love that I’ve missed. Though their tastes can skew kinda weird, sometimes, so it’s not catching a lot of the stuff you guy consider mandatory.