Let's talk about... Cat Piss

Spend the money, or your kids will tell you you’re a horrible person.

You have kids, right? Unless you want them to get the message you’ll spent more cash on gadgets and games than pets they love, spend the cash.

Besides, compare the $350 to how much you spent on your cat in terms of food over the course of a year.

Now, that said, $350 seems rather high for a pet /exam/…

Yeah, they’re both from the Humane Society, although we got them ~7 years ago. And there are definitely other cats in the neighborhood.

I feel the same way but my fiance felt strongly about placing the box in her son’s room, where the new kitty was residing in temporary isolation from the other cats (it was officially her son’s kitty). She resisted my advice about the litter box and I let it go.

Our family has a “special” cat, shes blind and can’t find the litter box %85 of the time. Cleaning up crap and piss gets tiring. We’ve considered euthanasia, but it’s hard to do.

It’s difficult to part with the little beasts. Our Cosmo likely needed some psychoanalysis since he religiously pee’d in the litter box but left his other treasures right next to it. I certainly thought about what we would have to do if he got worse about it.

Then he got cancer and made his exodus, with much dignity, a little over a month ago. Oddly enough, he started religiously using the litter box (never faltered) as if to tell us “I was just messing with your head, I love you guys.”

This. A million times this.

Depending on the type of tests being conducted, the $350 can be on-target but it is indeed toward the high side without any actual treatment being included. In my experience, $200-$250 is about right for a full battery of tests that didn’t include specialized machinery like an MRI or anything. My guess is it’s the price of the x-rays that’s adding on the extra cost, as these seem to vary widely from area to area for vets (probably based upon the availability of the machines).

Our cats skin and allergy tests came to about £1000/$1630 (insured, luckily) so $350 sounds quite reasonable.

You have cat insurance?

Pet insurance can be a lifesaver.

It’s not like I really mind them knowing this. Question is if they’re old enough to understand why. I’m quite pragmatic when it comes to pets and spending $1000+ on a pet and then going to the store and buying cheap meat (considering how factory farm animals are treated), as some will do, strikes me as a worse lesson to teach kids.

I don’t think pet insurance exist here. And I’ve always believed that you should never insure against stuff you can actually afford and pet treatment would never bankrupt our family. $350 we can afford, but it would hurt. $1.000+ would never come into question, that would mean “bye bye cat”.
Sorry, if that offend some animal lovers.

What about good old vinegar?


Problem is, except for spaying/neutering, most surgical procedures cost about this much now. Putting an animal to sleep over something as straightforward as hip dysplasia, where once surgery is done, an animal can live many long years seems a little coldhearted.

Of course this rise in vet costs goes hand in hand with the overall costs of medicine in the US.

Pet insurance can be pretty affordable and can cover all the routine exams and vaccinations, which actually make it a pretty good deal.

I’m sure I’ve heard that you should avoid using bleach , there’s something about the smell that attracts them back to the area and they’ll mark it again . I’ve been lucky with my cats and never had to try it though .

Yeah, my dad is the same way. And I have to admit there’s a cut off points for me somewhere too, though I’m not sure where it is really.

I don’t think anyone is gonig to fault someone for saying they simply can’t afford something, whether it be health care for themselves or their pets, games, clothes, whatever. When funds are limited, you need to prioritize. If a vet bill would prevent me from providing for my son, my son wins.

That said, if it comes down to buying a PS3 or saving your pet from living in pain and/or saving its life, you forego the PS3.

I think it comes down to a cost/benefit analysis, and it’s definitely something that hits home for me, as one of my cats may have cancer.

We really can’t afford the specialized care at this point, and he’s fairly elderly (13,) as well as not really seeming to be in pain, so we’re taking a wait and see approach, keeping him comfy and happy.

It would be nice to have unlimited funds, but on the other hand, it’s a quality of life issue.

That’s really sad news, Athryn. Hang in there.

I’ma bookmark this thread in case I have any cat urine issues, which thankfully I don’t. Good luck, Jasper.

13 isn’t that old for a cat*. However, if it’s cancer and would be a painful fight with low odds, then yeah putting him/her to sleep is probably the right move. I hope you don’t have to make that decision, Athryn.

*I mean I wouldn’t label that ‘elderly’. It’s certainly past the half way mark, but cats live to be 20+ in many cases.