Lets talk about Water Softeners

I have a high-end Waterboss softener. It cost me about 800 bucks.
Yesterday, I had a plumber over to do some unrelated work, and he had to go into the garage where my softener was.

He told me, in so many words, that my Waterboss softener was a cheap piece of crap. I should get a real system which is like $6000 and then a filtration system for another $3000.

I am not planning on changing my current softener any time soon, but I am curious about how much a good system should really cost. Are is there anyone out there who would know if what the guy says is true and what a reasonable price of a good quality system really should cost?

Seems high to me. A simple system installed should be like 800-1200.

Did they elaborate on why you need a more complicated system?

No, not really. Just said the cheaper system was crap, and would probably break in a few years and that I should really replace it with a much better system. I have no idea if he was trying to scam me or was being somewhat honest. I mean, 9k for a system that softens water and filters it seems quite high.

I am going to wait until my softener breaks before I do anything, but in the event that it does break in a few years (its not that old), I wanted to know what the real deal is with these things.

Sounds like he was full of shit. Get a different plumber next time.


Maybe they came for the clean water, and will stay for the chogglepants.

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(Did you notice there is also a reply about water softeners in the Tech forum?)

I’m on a well in semi-rural central Texas. We spent $15,000 upgrading our system. That included a new storage tank, relocating the booster tank and pump from outside to inside a shed, and re-plumbing things. We added a Kinetico water softener and bleach-based filtration system, plus a reverse osmosis system inside the house.

The Kinetico system was about $7,000 of the total cost. I’ve paid close to that in two other homes for Kinetico systems.