Let's try this again

The War In His Mind

Not pro- or anti-war. Not a call to action. Just… sad.

I’m not sure how you think that’s a war-neutral article and wish you would post your P&R stuff to P&R. That’s what it’s there for.

Sorry… I meant pro- or anti- Iraq war.

shrug The article doesn’t deal with politics, religion, or anything controversial, so I thought EE was a better place for it. Hell, the article doesn’t even contain implicit criticism of the VA hospitals’… in fact it indicates that they did all they could for him. The article just seemed like a sad story that was worth sharing.

Edit - Was going to delete the thread, but I didn’t see the option. And then I remembered all those “Please ignore” threads peppered throughout the forums. I guess deleting isn’t an option. Ah well.

It sort of has anti-war implications. I mean, who wouldn’t read this and go, “Aw man, the war fucked him up.” That leads to the thought, “If we weren’t in Iraq, he wouldn’t have gotten fucked up.”

I’m guessing you posted it here becuase you didn’t want it to turn into a war debate, so, I will agree with you, it is very sad.

War is politics, man. Come on, now.