Letter to the king

This is one of the latest Netflix additions (At least, here in Denmark).

Its…well, its a somewhat typical coming of age story of the young boy who finds himself the chosen one on a quest to save the kingdom, the damsel and the whole world. Its a little bit reminiscent of those old country collaborations that were so popular in my early youth which were Polish-New Zealandic- Austrialian- Austrian colloaboration fantasy shows which had heart, but not much else.

The kicker here is, that its actually really good. And rather surprising in a few places, that really matters.

edited to add trailer

Its apparently based on a book as well.

Anyways - just a heads up - 6 episodes, not sure if more are coming, but very much worth it. Oh, and the FX is actually rather good, if not spectacular in places!

Go watch it, and let me know I am the only one who likes it quite a bit!

Thanks for the heads up. I’d kinda dismissed it when I initially heard about, but that might have been rather premature!

I watched a few episodes last week and got bored after a few episodes. I felt the characters were pretty bland and the story unimaginative. And the race stuff grated on me.

Decent Polygon overview:

Give it a few episodes more.

I kinda semi watched the first one - The second one got my interest, but the third one and onward held my interest and got me to watch the remaining in a few days - something I never do. Its only 6 episodes all in all, and the payoff is worth it, I think.

Well - depends if you can live with it being a young adult story - I dont normally enjoy those but this one ended up being something rather different.