Letters from Iraq

What some soldiers have to say.

If you can’t trust Michael Moore, who can you trust? And didn’t this story hit once before when his movie hit theaters? Convenient the way it’s about to come out on DVD…

Interesting also is the fact that most polls are showing that our troops, you know, the ones actually on the ground over there are going to vote for Bush by a 4 to 1 margin. One would think that if they feel so mislead by Bush and if they trust Kerry so much more and if the Iraq war has been so awfully terrible it would be the other way around. But its not. The Media often reports only negative info which most of our troops actually there, actually doing the work, disagree with. Our troops don’t trust Kerry and frankly electing him would be terrible for moral and horrible for the war on terror. How can you ask troops to die in a war at “the wrong place at the wrong time?” How can you ask troops to fight and even bring in allies into what Kerry describes as a “diversion?” It simply doesn’t add up.

John Kerry represents the extreme end of the democratic party, you know, the party of weak stomach appeasers, and he is the worst of all of them. It amazes me how he has been able to paint himself as strong on any sort of military area as he started his career out as an anti-war hippy. In his heart of hearts he is against defense, against military spending, and against doing what it takes to win any war at any time. Frankly he just doesn’t have the stomach for it. But hey, don’t take my word for it, just look at the polls regarding what our troops believe and who they are voting for. Do we really need a weak knee, anti-war, anti-defense peacenik as president during a time of war? Of course not. The troops don’t think so and neither do I. Frankly I would trust the troops in this matter over some opportunistic, former hippy politician and a young inexperienced, slicky-slimy trial lawyer. Oh, sure, sure lets turn our safety over to them. Hah, unlikely and I hope for all of our sakes it doesn’t happen.

Doubtful; the all-volunteer army has always heavily tilted Republican for various reasons.

Do you seriously believe all that shit about Kerry? Man.

I thought he started his career over in Viet Nam, you know, actually fighting a war, and the anti-Viet Nam War stuff came after. Or am I wrong?

Gideon, do you really think the containment policy started by Bush Sr. and continued by Clinton and, for a time, Bush Jr. was really appeasement?

Prior to WW2, Hitler threw aside all restrictions from the Versailles Treaty (the contemporary equivalent of UN mandates) and built a huge army, air force and navy. Hitler rolled into the Sudetenland and Austria, and nobody said boo. That was appeasment.

After the Gulf War, Saddam’s army was in shambles, and only got worse. He had no air force to speak of, and even if he didn’t he couldn’t fly over most of his own country. He could only generate revenue in a very specific way (oil for food, which was indeed open to ungodly fraud, however the net result of that fraud was lots of nasty secret police and ugly palaces). According to most sources, he had degenerated to a vague fantasy land, and had taken to such world-threatening activities as writing bad novels.

As far as I know, Kerry never opposed the containment policy. Perhaps you’re referring to his vote against Gulf War 1? I’d say that’s a fair point, but I’ve never understood why that war acquired such a sheen anyway. It was completely bumbled into by the Reagen/Bush 1 admins who propped up that son of a bitch for years. Our own diplomats gave Saddam the go-ahead. Fighting the war required a troop presence in Saudi Arabia and we all know how well that turned out.

Hey, and a year later the World Trade Center was hit for the first time! Woo-hoo!

Would have been nice if we spent the last ten years developing alternative energy sources and letting Sadaam, the Iranians and the Saudis duke it out. But, no, we had to sink ourselves into that fucking swamp.

Links? In the past I know they vote Republican, but this generation seems to be more vocal about their opposition to Bush then before.


You would notice that i posted no blurb nor byline in support of either candidate. Personally, my opinion counts little, since not being an American, I can’t even vote.

Thank for bringing up partisan politics once again to overlook what actual soldiers are saying in Iraq.

They may not be the majority, yet do you deny that they have real concerns and real questions regarding Bush as president. And they are the ones out there risking their life for YOUR SAFETY.

What would you say to these people?

Please tell me.
I’m interested in your opinion regarding this issue and this issue alone.

Guys - are you really trying to have a rational debate with someone who just concluded the kind of foaming mouth tirade that Gideon did? If he genuinely believes even 25% of the insanity he just finished vomiting out onto the forum, you could spend a lifetime trying to calmly reason with him, and never manage to penetrate a micron of his anti-matter ignorance shielding. Just give it up and plonk him into your mental killfile.

Part of me is always amused when people attempt to show who the soldiers in Iraq believe is a better President as absolute proof of that person being the best person for the job.

NEWSFLASH: A sizable number of soldiers are highly uneducated and ignorant about the world around them and have little interest in changing that.

Now before you get all upset at me for saying that, understand that I’m a former soldier myself. A large portion of the enlisted men joined the military because they didn’t have the education to get anything other than low-level jobs after High School.

As an example of what I’m talking about, I recently spoke with some medical personnel from my sister’s unit who just returned from duty in Iraq. By their estimates, 1/4th to 1/3rd of all gunfire casualties come from soldiers doing dumb things like smoking or taking a piss at the side of the road during a convoy without their body armor on. In fact, one of the most common dumb thing, from their experiences, are soldiers who won’t wear the armor up around their neck because it’s “uncomfortable” and then getting hit through the neck.

So, while I have the utmost respect for my fellow soldiers for their sense of duty and honor, I would never mistake them as infallible in their knowledgeable about the world around them.