Level 7 Omega Protocol (Boardgame)

I got this one on a lark and played it during the weekly gaming day. I had a blast with this. Its sort of a dungeon crawl meets Mansions of Madness meets Aliens and Marines. I should begin by stating that this game is NOT an expansion to the previous Level 7 games, as I understand it, though I’ve not played them.

The theme is Marines verse Aliens, with the aliens being played by the keeper (playing against the aliens). The more actions the heroes take the more resources the keeper has for his next round for his actions.

This game really hits a sweet spot for me its the right mix, of complexity, theme, and quality minis, I just had a pure blast with this. I played as the keeper and the actions you have are varied and require some thought, rather than just responding to the marines actions. We played the first mission, there are I believe 7 for the campaign. You only get to keep a max of 10 adrenaline (this is what the marines gain when they take actions and what you get at the start of your turn) per a turn to your next turn so it pays to use it up (especially since you get back a percentage of your adrenaline for the actions you take). I loved making the base have cave ins in the marines it slowed the down and made a one time attack on each marine next to a cave in. Summoning the clones that came out of the vents was also a blast, lots of tactical choice. I ended up losing but I did force the heroes to abandon one of their comrades who went down in the action. All in all I loved this game, and cant wait to play it again

How long does a standard scenario take to play?

The first scenario played pretty quickly about 2 to 2 1/2 hours, and another half hour figuring out the rules.