Mixed feelings for me, I loved the show for a few seasons, but the writing/plot lines seem to have degraded a bit of late.

A shame though, at least it dared to be different from the usual cop/doctor dramas.

Yeah, we really liked it. But my wife and I like “con” type shows, we really enjoyed Hustle before this one. In some ways, it was reminiscent of a light hearted Mission Impossible. With laughs and winks.

We also noted that it was one of the very few dramas we watch that doesn’t feature a dead body.

Well shoot, I love Leverage, sad to see it end.

Kind of surprised I didn’t see any series finale ads – if I remember correct, all I saw was season finale promos.

They didn’t pull the plug until this past week. It wasn’t a planned series ending.

I thought you folks were talking about Battlefield Earth at first…

So… am I crazy, or did that final episode start with a caper to steal a drug for a kid and it morphed into another caper and they never mentioned the drug or the kid again?

I think the idea there is that was the story Nate spun to the agent to explain why they were in the building.

The blonde thief chick was smokin hot.

As for the show itself, I watched a bunch of seasons 1 and 2. Every episode seemed to be the same. Every one ended with a twist, with the same jaunty music. It got old.

Thinking back… yeah, I can see that. Anyway, I felt it was a confusing lackluster end for the show.

I just can’t understand why a show with that amount of tenure wouldn’t at least be given enough notice for the writers to give it a proper sendoff. I get the cancellation due to declining ratings, but damn.

Once again, more proof that TV Execs must be monkeys.

From what I read, Devlin (the show exec) was sorta being yanked around by TBS. They wouldn’t say “yes” or “no” to a 6th season, and he had a final story he wanted to end the show with. So he said “fuck it” and just asked that they end the show now, so he could wrap it up the way he wanted to, rather than finding out that he didn’t get to tell his final “hand-off” story.

My wife had read that this was the ending they had planned for the show from the start. They went ahead and used it, not knowing if it would actually be the end or not. I thought it was ok but not special.

Yeah, I read that as well. But knowing for sure it was the end, it shouldn’t have felt so hurried.

Didn’t I read something also about Devlin owning the the show rather than TNT?

I concur:

I watched the S01 E01 of Leverage last night, unless you are a Leverage Loon, or have a flawless memory, the final episode was indeed sweet.

But I still think it was rushed, they crammed two hours into one.

I always found the main character hard to get behind, the weird handling of alchoism and all. Loved the rest of the cast. I especially liked the episode they all had to switch tactical roles.

One of my favorite shows, and I’ll definitely miss it. Maybe John Rogers can write comics again.

Leverage was getting more creatively weak with every season since the first (the introduction of character classes in the second season marked a decidedly negative turn), it had an expensive cast and crew (Tim Hutton ain’t cheap, and a couple of the other cast members are becoming recognizable, and the show’s directorial pool is surprisingly impressive for a show of its caliber), and TNT is a crowded network at this point, with Monday Mornings coming in January and L.A. Noir hitting at some point next year and more stuff still on the slate. Something had to go, and Leverage was a likely candidate. This is probably the finale that you were getting no matter what, and this was the season for it, so I’ll take it.

Now, so far as the quality goes…ehhhh. I strongly dislike Beth Riesgraf turning into Morpheus at the end there and it was thematically inconsistent with the bulk of the season, which was spent focusing on Hartisan as a replacement and I can’t recall any point in the past where he was conclusively ruled out (though that could just be on account of the season being interrupted in the worst way in the middle).

Either way, now the creatives and actors on the show should be free to head to other , better places. Riesgraf already has a recurring gig on Criminal Minds and I suspect that Hartisan is up fairly high on the casting lists for pilots.

I just started getting into this, watching syndicated re-runs on whichever network I was watching them on. I’ll be getting the DVDs and watching it proper, it’s quite entertaining.