LF: Logitech MX Revolution [2006] wireless mouse receiver

i have the Logitech MX Revolution (the original from 2006) and i am missing the stupid USB receiver. the receiver part number is 831735-1000. if anyone has one of these in their electronic component junk drawers and wants to get rid of it, please let me know.

it looks like this:

Post history looks like a spammer.

looks are deceiving

I have one spare for the MX5500, may be compatible?

The only wrinkle is that I am in Australia.

He’s not. Known him from forums for a long time.

thanks - but i actually have one of those, and it doesn’t work.

i have been in a week-long conversation with a Logitech support representative - they were amazed this mouse was still working 15 years later and after suggesting i check amazon marketplace and ebay for a compatible receiver (there were none, or they were bundled with the mouse for an excessive price), they said they would keep an eye on their internal ‘spare parts bin’ and let me know if one showed up there.

I that a really great mouse or something? This sounds like too much effort otherwise.

it’s pretty nice. but it’s more about getting it functional again, rather than having to sell or e-waste the whole setup.