Liam neeson is non-stop (2014)

action, of course.

— Alan

Ten Little Indians!

Good grief. It’s one of those trailers that’s way too long and shows too much, IMO.

I can never remember whether it’s nonstop or direct that I want when I’m booking flights…

Didn’t Liam Neeson used to be an actor? Now he just scowls and shoots people a lot.

Looks good, I like that he takes tons of action rolls now. :)

Looks like it could have had potential but will be drivel.

Isn’t the February release a bit of a red flag?

He’s getting paid truckloads of money for these movies.

Remember when his wife, Natasha Richardson, died in that freak skiing accident? Neeson basically fell apart, so he took every acting gig he could get his hands on to keep busy. One of those was Taken. It made a ton of money. The rest is history.

Man, thats so horrible! I didn’t know about that.

As for his current roles - As a man of 60 years, he is doing incredibly well in these kind of roles. I wish I had half his stamina at 40.

He has the Harrison Ford gift , where the older he gets , he still seems to be 55 ish.

“I don’t know which passenger you are, but i will find you, and I will kill you.”

I don’t know, he’s doing some good things here and there between these movies.

This movie looks like Air Force One, but for regular folk.

Somebody called this Passenger 57 Years Old.

Pretty short movie! I guess the theatrical release might flesh out some scenes?

Comes out next weekend. C’mon, you know you want to see it.

— Alan

Great movie. 2 thumbs up.

What’s weird is that we just had 3 Days to Kill open this weekend, which is Kevin Costner trying to do a Liam Neeson-style European action thriller, complete with “story” by Luc Besson. [Hilariously, they had to settle with McG as the director.]

But here comes with the real deal a week later!

I’m ashamed to admit I quite enjoy these Liam Neeson action films. Sorry.