Liberals also say and do stupid shit


Me on Twitter: Mention that Joe Rogan believes bullshit conspiracy theory.
Racists and Fuckwits: Peddle out stupid horseshit from websites affiliated with neo-Nazis and shit.
Liberal chick: Those websites are horseshit.
Me: Don’t bother they’re racist fuckwits.
Her: Don’t mansplain to me.
Me: Go fuck yourself Stephanie.

The best way to come together is to roll your eyes at allies and insult them for agreeing with you.
Oh wait, the opposite of that.

But seriously, fuck you Stephanie. Get your shit out of my mentions.


I wish I hadn’t had similar interactions.

Doesn’t mean everyone who is concerned with e.g. equal rights and social justice is a similar dipshit, but they’re definitely out there.


In Stephanie’s defense the horrible people from the other side outnumbered her and were far worse for the most part, but when someone is on your side talking dismissively at them is a great way to piss them off.

Honestly my favorite part was “mansplaining” to her how I wasn’t mansplaining to her originally, before I muted her.


I was told once (by a family member in real life) that, on the topic of queer rights and acceptance and the fight to obtain and defend them both, my thoughts and perspective weren’t worth listening to because they can be found “literally everywhere.”

I am, naturally, defined, constrained, and driven by my identity as a straight cis white guy, and thus any thoughts or feelings I may have contain no individual value or interest.

The irony is lost on her, sadly.


I have no idea why I just wasted my time reading this. Tell me something I don’t already know.


Can a man explain to a woman that he is not “mansplaining” or can only another woman do that?




Probably worth noting that the Democratic governor and other Democratic players were opposed to it, and the gerrymandering didn’t end up happening.


Yeah, i think we mentioned that in the gerrymandering thread.



Sure, but at least they can go home and give their children the gift of knowing mommy isn’t a scab.


That’s some high level stupidity there. Way to make their union sound like a bunch of heartless bastards.


I genuinely feel this is major issue with the Democratic party, and it’s embarrassing. (Not kidding.) There are certainly members of the GOP who can outmaneuver the Dems if all they do is fixate upon one moron.


I think the union is a bunch of heartless bastards. Somebody might work a couple months and they have to pay $500 for that right. And that gets them what, nothing really because they probably get zero union benefits out of it. They are merely paying for the right to work that job.


Agreed. Seasonal employees should not have to pay Union dues. Limit that to someone who works say 2 months or less… Something when an ending. If they get full time / year round then start the fees then.


But then every job becomes seasonal.


This seems like a dumbass outcome easily dealt with by the Union in question not being assholes. They should do that.


Or, perhaps better, they pay them on a pro-rated basis, e.g. 1/12 of the annual dues each month. If the seasonal job goes away, then the rest of the year’s dues are waived. I’m guessing that’s what this Teamsters local were doing before they lost their minds.


Yeah that wouldn’t happen.

After this scenario, I wouldn’t even give that union those couple of months. They are clearly being led by idiots.


If that were a practical solution you could just say the same thing about employers and skip the union part entirely!