Liberty or Death - COIN Series volume six

I’m a huge fan of the COIN series and have bought my way through volume four. Gallic War, volume five, was a little jarring with the introduction of Roman suppression of Gaul in to what had been a series set in primarily modern times. Volume six I’m really excited for and while not modern it fits the Counterinsurgency model to a T.

We are six games in now and while the four I purchased have adapted the flavor of their unique campaigns genrally well we will have to see if this continues with this iteration. GMT has two player revolutionary war CDGs but this will be carrying the four player model of the COIN series and it will be interesting to see the conflict framed under those conditions.

GMT has been catching a lot of my attention lately.

GMT’s page:

Tom M

I have never bought a COIN game but have thought about it. I am so in on this! I can finally play a conflict that I teach every year!

AWI means a pass from me. Like the Cuba one I have zero interest in the topic.

Very much stoked for the Gallic war one though it should be great!

I do wonder if anything in the series can top Fire in The Lake, I just finished up another campaign of that one, I really think it will stand the test of time.

Sheesh, I can’t believe you Brits are still sore about that one.


It was a tie! Besides you can probably play the loyalist patriots, fighting for their rightful king! :)

Still not interested though, now a French revolution one… that might be of interest to me!

It’s not a COIN game but have you tried Martin Wallace’s Liberte? The military component is pretty well abstracted out of the game, there’s three battles you can send generals to but it is mostly a territorial control game but it’s got all the great personalities. Not even a COIN level of detail though, which I think is pretty light and great for me.

This one is four player again and while I want to see how they describe the French victory condition I think the factions they picked are very appropriate. They did lump the native nations into one Indian player and I’ll grouse about that but even in Andean Abyss the cartels were not a really representing a unified block. We’ll have to look at the events to see if the game details more the natives, who were the biggest losers historically in my opinion. My grasp of history is poorly informed but I think they got it right in that most of the nations recognized that the British were treating them better than the colonist were and the natives had an interest in seeing the colonist reigned in.

Tom M

Thanks Tom Mc, I will check out Liberte! I agree the factions do look appropriate in Liberty or Death, in other COIN games, as we have discussed, it can feel a little shoe horned in.

Gallic War isn’t out yet, is it?

Nope not out yet, Gallic War is on pre order.

Whew, good to know. I was worried the GMT page for it was just out of date and that I had missed the first printing or something.

Is there a particularly good video that will teach the Coin system to a newbie? Every time I see a screenshot of any of the games I worry it looks too overwhelming and yet I like the card system they put in place for actions and the theme.

To learn from I think GMT’s “A distant Plain” how to play is pretty good if dry.

Calandales Andean Abyss play though is in his style, I love it but not sure how good it is to learn from.

Thanks, I will look at both to try to get a better feel.

It seems pivotal events from Fire in the Lake are cast as Brilliant Strokes in this volume.

From Inside GMTs

Tom M

There’s an interview on Grogheads.

There’s some interesting things in there and I’m excited for any game in this series. But right now I think I might be a touch more interested in Gaul. Does that make me some kind of no good Tory loyalist? Tough break for a guy born in Concord.

Tom M