Libs MUST Be Proud!


Mad Libs?

Can you believe what (celebrity) just did? All those supporters of (political cause) must be (adjective) of themselves. We’re at (event) and all these people can (verb) about is how the (national organization) is going to (sports metaphor). (internationally acclaimed Inuit poet) must be (gerund) in his (domicile)!

Well, that was fast.

I can see you’re a real proponent of the old Socratic debate.

Well, it’s pretty obvious why she held a job and won’t have any issues finding another.

Now to see if the ratings for The View hold up after she’s gone. The pressure is on to find another ratings magnet.

Hey, I hit 3000 posts. Do I win something?

Who the hell is this Rosie?

You win a douche-bag!

O’Donnell also said she was sad when Trump called her “disgusting” and “fat” because, “it was always my dream to give an old, bald billionaire a boner.”

Okay, that was funny.

Also on hand were 17 sweet-faced high school girls who won scholarships to pursue their dreams of careers in media.

Well, I honestly must say that this seems like a rather appropriate introduction to their new careers.

“I was offended by how vulgar and common O’Donnell was,” said Robert Zimmerman, a Democrat active in progressive causes.

“Common”? What? I hope there’s another definition I’m not seeing here, but as from how I’m seeing it right now, that sounds a little, to put it gently, ‘stuck-up’.

Brandon Holley, editor-in-chief of Jane magazine, said, “I wasn’t personally offended, but I thought it was fun to watch other people be offended.”

Behold, an actual human being.

"I cringed and dove under the table when she said, ‘Eat me,’ " said one woman attendee who declined to be identified.

I hope that was due to laughing so hard, else we got another classist.

Well, not a bad first P&R post, I’d say. Good work, Dave #2!

I just had to quote this again, I may need it the next time someone asks me the meaning of irony.

You know, as bad as qt3 P&R is, even the worst posters here haven’t yet sunk to the level of free republic/daily kos comment thread (eh, maybe cherub and drewl). But thanks to people like KrabbyDave here, we may get there yet!

Dummycrats! Rethuglicans! DemocRATS! Repugnanticans! DemoNcrats! Retardicans!

What fun.

malphi, you could probably work some terribly witty satire around ‘neo-con’ as well. And don’t forget greenies and liberals in general!

Why is it always absolute unknown 11-post hit-and-quitters who post this stuff? We seem to get a surge every few months. What, does CindySue get home from a long truck run and recruit some buddies for a troll fest?

That’s right! You left out Lieberals.

Also Repukelicans.

A liberal, you douchebag.

Shouldn’t conservatives be ashamed by Trump? I mean he’s a snide, womanizing, petty man and on top of it he’s known to exaggerate facts on a constant basis just to inflate his own fragile ego.

I mean Trump was actually a republican presidential candidate and everything so anyone who associates with the party on the right side of the isle should be taking responsibility for his behaviour as well right?

Also he’s on record as being completely and totally against the war in Iraq and in favour of an immediate pullout, so yeah I guess they should be ashamed! :D

Yeah, it must really suck for you, what with your party getting to spend six years in control of all three branches of the government for the first time in half a century.

Rosie didn’t break any laws…


What’s a douchebag?

I don’t know. What’s an urbandictionary?