"Lies, all lies!" exclaims TheDeacon

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Already Slashdotted.

Feel free to read the long reply thedeacon posted on my website

Libel! Slander! Sue Sue!

My advice: If you’re going to sue, shut your mouth and go hire a lawyer.

Right on!
Good Luck.
Next week the NYT is doing an article about Tom Chick and his QT3 Cult. It basically details how the forum is a breeding ground for potential Unabombers, who see life as a videogame. Here’s an excerpt. “These deviants feel they can solve every problem with violence”… “All they need to do is add a quarter and everything will be fine”…. “To Tom Chick’s brilliance, he has created a cult of brainwashed victims”… The article goes on and it doesn’t get any better

Will it be anything about our absinthe-swilling ways? Because that could really damage my rep.

That isn’t all it would damage…

Hey Andrew, can I link that on FiringSquad?

Know what? ‘thedeacon’ should be ‘thelaywer’! He makes a pretty good case. too bad hes an AO addict! :lol:


Hey Andrew, can I link that on FiringSquad?[/quote]

Sure. Just make sure you give a link to the blog as well as the comments.

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